The cost of Islam: Government hid fact it paid for 2012 Olympics film aimed at Muslims

A propaganda campaign run by the British government hid from the public its funding of a London Olympics documentary shown on 15 TV channels and watched by 30 million Muslims worldwide.

Journalists who made the documentary also say they were not told about the government funding, a claim denied by officials.

One journalist says his life could have been in danger because he was sent to work in two dangerous countries without being told about the government’s involvement.

The film – titled My 2012 Dream and featuring Muslim athletes competing in the London Olympics – is one of a series commissioned by the campaign aimed at combating Islamic terrorism.

The film is part of a broader propaganda effort by the Home Office’s Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism, aiming to bring about “behavioural and attitudinal change” among young British Muslims by producing anti-Isis messaging “at an industrial pace and scale”.

I can’t wait to see the Christian and Hindu films!