‘Switzerland must shut itself off with barbed wire’

Switzerland’s asylum policy is failing and desperate steps must be taken. That’s the message of Andreas Glarner, the spokesperson for asylum policy for the Swiss People’s Policy (SVP).

As president of the municipality of Oberwil-Lieli in the canton of Aargau, he has just seen local voters give their thumbs up to a budgetary clause that will see local authorities pay money to the canton rather than house asylum seekers.

If the plan gets the town council’s rubber stamp, the wealthy municipality will pay 290,000 Swiss francs a year instead of taking in its designated quota of ten asylum seekers.

The plan has created bitter divisions within the local community, but Glarner says other towns should follow suit. Indeed, he believes it is “civil duty” of Swiss citizens to “resist” the dictates of the Swiss capital on asylum.

“Switzerland must close all of its green borders with barbed wire,” the SVP MP told national daily the Tages Anzeiger.