‘Muslims should want to integrate, this is not one way street’ – German AfD party

AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) is not anti-migration party, it is for controlled immigration, member Hugh Bronson told RT. We have to know people who seek asylum in Germany and these people have to be ready to be integrated, he adds.

“Alternative for Germany” officially adopted an anti-Islam stance in its new election manifesto. The party has rapidly gained popularity on its strong anti-migrant agenda and threatens to cause a real headache to Chancellor Angela Merkel in next year’s general election.

The manifesto now demands a ban on minarets and calls for prayer, and would forbid women from wearing burqas in public. It also rejects the possibility of a so-called westernization or enlightenment of Islam, warning that the religion is becoming increasingly radicalized instead. The document was adopted at the party’s two-day conference in Stuttgart, accompanied by protests and mass arrests among the left-wing demonstrators.

  • pdxnag

    The Islamo-Fascist invaders want non-Muslim opposition banned. They, along with their militant Leftist allies, are the closest thing to the Jew slaughtering Nazis and yet they invoke that label to try to brand their opposition. This is insane projection, or something.


    As always (now) I would demand no less than apostasy from any and all Muslims. This is how they can voice opposition to the inherent and unchangeable evil and call for sedition found in elementary Islam.

  • Ed

    Keep it simple. Here’s a platform we can all get behind.

    “We’ll let in one of yours, for every one of ours that moves to your country.”

    You know… reciprocity.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That only really works for me if they one’s moving to their countries are Liberals and Democrats.