Islamist 5th Columnist Sadiq Khan unfit to be London Mayor as it emerges he called moderate Muslims ‘Uncle Toms’

Labour was plunged into a fresh race row last night over an extraordinary slur against moderate Muslims by its London mayoral candidate.

Sadiq Khan was branded unfit to be London Mayor after it emerged that he had described moderate Muslim groups as ‘Uncle Toms’ – a notorious racial slur used against black people to suggest that they are subservient to whites.

The incendiary claim emerged in a 2009 interview with Iranian-backed Press TV, when Mr Khan was ‘minister for community cohesion’, in charge of Government efforts to stamp out extremism.

The revelation is a major blow for Mr Khan, who has faced a string of claims about his past dealings with Muslim extremists during the bitter campaign to succeed Boris Johnson.

Diversity is our strength.

  • Brett_McS

    This is quite funny!

    Counting down to when the Labour Party comes out of the closet and owns its anti-Semitism.

    • I am having a laugh watching this mess unfold. The entire party is rotten to the core.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Ethnic cleansing of London to proceed forthwith

  • pdxnag

    London will be ruled by Islamic State real soon now.

  • Liberal Progressive

    The labour party will tell you he is not an antisemite he just thinks that Jews have no right to live.

    I wonder what would happen if his people were the majority and he was Prime Minister? I am sure he would demand all people live in peace.

    • Observer

      … under Sharia law and the new Caliphate!

  • Yo Mama

    Unfortunately soon to be London’s Oben Fuhrer!

    It seems the people of London would rather be seen to vote for an Islamist Supremist than for a Jew born in England.

  • Pavelina

    Does this mean there are more muslims in London than anything else?