Dozens of fraudsters and suspected criminals became Canadian citizens, watchdog says in damning report

OTTAWA — Canada’s auditor general has issued a damning report criticizing federal immigration officials for not catching dozens if not hundreds of fraudsters and suspected criminals before they were sworn in as Canadian citizens.

  • JoKeR

    Just call them future Liberal voters.

  • useless opinion

    Too late, they are probably sitting in Parliament right now.

  • But I thought we were all “post-national” and stuff.

    The Liberals will do anything for a voters block.

  • Frances

    I wonder how many own pricey real estate in the Vancouver area.

    • k1962

      And pay no income tax while benefitting from social programs like free health care and an education for their kids and free dental for their kids. We are so stupid.

  • Spatchcocked

    A little known fact……Pierre named Justine after Justinian.

    Pierre thought he himself was an intellectual giant as well…..he was great at choosing women too…..he was the Northern Magus you know….at least that’s what some fellating journalist called him.

    We’re doomed you know….we’ll never turn this ignorant tide back to reality.