Dead could be brought ‘back to life’ in groundbreaking project

A groundbreaking trial to see if it is possible to regenerate the brains of dead people, has won approval from health watchdogs.

A biotech company in the US has been granted ethical permission to recruit 20 patients who have been declared clinically dead from a traumatic brain injury, to test whether parts of their central nervous system can be brought back to life.

  • Chris Dunn
  • Exile1981

    Now they have a justification for the dead voting democrat.

  • bargogx1

    And so the zombie apocalypse begins…

    • G

      The hardest part of a zombie apocalypse is pretending I’m not excited.

      (I stole that line from a t-shirt)

  • WalterBannon

    this research is about brain dead, not dead dead.

  • I believe the cure for death is called Jesus.

    • G

      Good for you Osumashi.

  • Ed

    This is excellent news for the Ontario liberal party.

  • FactsWillOut

    There are many, many forms of trauma and illness today such that 100 years ago, the patient would be declared dead, but modern medicine can easily resuscitate them now.
    The bottom line is that if at some point in time, some-one is alive, then at to time before that was he dead. Period.

  • Cat-astrophe

    They will cut and paste with peons till it is perfected and then used only for the rich. You know, George Soros, Kissinger…… can be certain too that we will pay for the monstrous research….

    • k2

      Whatever they eventually manage to do, the universe IS running down and WILL finally end in heat death: there is no avoiding the 2nd Law of Themodynamics.

      • Cat-astrophe

        LOL, may or may not be here when that happens, BUT ultimately from a purely scientific assessment, (not by “Climate Change” scientists) the long term prospects of entropy will see our planet very cold indeed. BUT it does heat up first and all the molecules (us) will do quite a bit of bashing around before the temperature begins to cool. The pressure will get intense, here on the surface.

        • ntt1

          so …are you talking next week or…?

          • Cat-astrophe

            You want to guess or should I?

      • ntt1

        The 2nd law of thermodynamics was declared unconstitutional and therefore void by the west coast Rhino party of the seventies
        In an eerie parallel to real life the Rhinos declared war on belgium due to the atrocities committed on a baby Rhino in belgium’s obelisk and asterisk.comic book series.,a strange precognition of the coming horrors of charlie hebdo and becalan. they may have been a bunch of itinerant hippy snake oil sales men but you have to admit that , nowadays ,declaring war on belgium is a pretty good idea