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‘Spying Billboards’ Under Fire for Tapping Into People’s Cellphones

Department of Education Publishes ‘Shame List’

Anti-Trump Protesters Admit to Getting Paid to Protest

Obama Admin to Open Federal Jobs to Criminals

France Emerges from Denial and Starts Shutting Down Mosques

NRA Is ‘Right’: ‘Smart Guns’ Lead to Gun Control

9/11 Damage Control: CIA Claims ‘Inaccurate Information’

‘Total Rejection’ Of Islam In France Across The Political Spectrum

Swiss monitoring online activity of 400 possible jihadists

U.S. Park Ranger Uniforms ‘Threatening’ To Latinos

London Set To Elect Muslim Mayor With Ties To Extremism

“Why would gay activists support Islam?”

Students counter May Day by declaring ‘Socialism Sucks’

Climate-exodus expected in the Middle East and North Africa

College Students Invent Gloves that Speak Sign Languagemouse

  • Exile1981

    on the issue of smart guns…. i think the best use for them is to equip all the government agents with them, including the secret service…. and publish the jammer design on line. That will tend to self limit the people voting for this in congress.

    • tom_billesley

      Smart guns, smart meters … The word smart isn’t so appealing any more.

  • tom_billesley

    “Climate-exodus expected in the Middle East and North Africa”
    Nope, just irresponsible over-population and poor use of water resources.

  • marty_p

    I would like to see a poll on Canadian attitudes toward Islam (and not some Toronto Star “We love Mo’s poll”)

  • I particularly enjoyed the Rebel’s article on why ghey activists support Islam; when leftists vehemently deny that we are in a civilizational level battle for control of the world you can be sure that’s exactly what’s occurring.

    • John

      Yes, Gays are encourage to brandish their same-sex attraction as a kind of civilisational pathology.

      I realized that many, many years ago when I awoke to the fact that Gay ‘liberation’ wasn’t so much about changing the rules to increase equality as it was about destroying the rules altogether.

      Many gays are idiots, but lately more have been starting to come their senses.
      Just look at what happened to Peter Tatchel, now considered officially ‘racist’ for his comments on Islam.

  • Hard Little Machine

    There will in fact be pogroms in the UK soon. The looks on the faces of the Jews who are still Labourites will be priceless.

  • G

    “U.S. Park Ranger Uniforms ‘Threatening’ To Latinos”

    Maybe they should lend their uniforms to the border patrol.

    As far as Latinos being “threatened” by looks of parks officials? – Who cares? Grow a pair of balls or don’t go to parks. Either way, STFU.