‘The French must die by the thousands’: ISIS cell in France threatens rocket attacks on passenger jets

An ISIS cell in France threatened new rocket attacks on passenger jets and a new Charlie Hebdo-style massacre in chilling undercover video filmed by a journalist who infiltrated the group.

The journalist, a Muslim using the pseudonym Said Ramzi, also received instructions to ‘shoot until death’ in a nightclub slaughter and set off an explosive vest if security turn up.

After an initial meeting in Chateauroux, a town in the centre-west of France, the would-be jihadists warned of devastating attacks that would ‘traumatise the country for a century’.

  • John

    After the events of last fall, you can kinda be sure this will happen

    • Inevitably.

    • Clausewitz

      Gonna make that flight to Orly in August that much more of a butt clencher than I thought.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The French wanted them in and ,by golly, they now got them.

  • V10_Rob

    “Police and security services immediately swung into action, charging the journalist with spreading islamophobia”

  • felis gracilis

    There was a day when the French would have crushed these mutts like the insects they are. Will that day ever come again?

    “Farewell to thee, France! When thy diadem crowned me,
    I made thee the gem and the wonder of earth;
    But thy weakness decrees I should leave as I found thee,
    Decayed in thy glory – and sunk in thy worth.
    Oh for the veteran hearts that were wasted
    In strife with the storm – when their battles were won –
    Then the Eagles whose gaze in that moment were blasted
    Had still soared with eyes fixed on Victory’s Sun.”


  • Alain

    France, like other western European countries rejected Israel’s offer of aid to prevent the attacks to date, so let them sleep in the bed they made.