That’s Racist! West African states with 181 million Muslims support banning the burqa for security reasons

A crowded market in the heart of the capital was the chosen target of the first suicide bombing in Chad’s history. In a split second, 15 people were killed and 80 maimed.

It soon became clear that a man clad in a burqa had carried out the attack, passing through the checkpoint outside the market by concealing his explosives beneath the all-enveloping canopy.

The government of the West African country responded last July with a measure that elsewhere might have been seen as draconian: it simply banned the burqa.


  • roccolore

    Funny how none of the pro-burqa people go after the African countries who ban the burqa.

  • Alain

    In the 70s when I lived in that part of the world, you never saw any of the black Muslims wearing that Arab garb, not that it was banned, they just didn’t. They did not trust the Arab Muslims and for good reason.

  • Gary

    I predicted that the islamic org’s in Canada will change their tune about the Niqab when a burka clad suicide bomber goes into a Mosque during the sunni-Shi’ite wars when they start in Canada one day.