Royal Not So Canadian Mounted Police

More people, including non-citizens, now eligible to become Mounties

I guess that opens up positions for their Free Range Jihadis.

  • morticiaa


  • Hard Little Machine

    Don’t they have security clearance vetting requirements that necessitate citizenship?

    • Clink9

      Security is so Pre Trudeau.

    • It’s 2016!

    • WalterBannon

      They are like the new EU police force, aka the Gestapo. When you want a brute squad that will oppress public political opposition, you recruit foreigners who are happy to commit genocide for you.

      Heil Justin.

    • Clausewitz

      Since Junior is so into becoming the next Obama, I wonder if they will ask if they have any qualms firing upon citizens of Canada in the event of protests to his opinions and political outmaneuvers? Hiring will result primarily upon the answer to that question.

      • Hard Little Machine

        For centuries the Kremlin guard was picked from only the ranks of Tartars as they were the one group who hated ethnic Russians so much they would never hesitate to fire on them if they stormed the palace.

  • Blacksmith

    Gee I wonder why the mounties are retiring? Could it be because the powers that be have shoved it so far to the left and made it so politically correct that a law minded person doesn’t want to work there anymore?
    Ah well, at least the arrests will go down even further when all the mohamheads get the jobs and ignore their fellow coreligionists.

    • Likely so.

      • occupant 9

        Why wouldn’t “replacement migration” include our security forces too?

    • Alain

      The exodus of real mounties started quiet some time back. I had friends who got fed up with the political agenda being pushed and imposed, especially affirmative action and they left the RCMP. It continues the downhill slide with the bottom dropping lower and lower.

  • mauser 98

    pooftafying of society full speed ahead
    collapse , invasion is assured

  • BillyHW

    The sellout of Canada is nearly complete.

  • simus1

    Real provinces run their own police forces.

    • G

      You mean provinces like, Nova Scotia PEI? Nope not “REAL” provinces.
      BC, Alberta SK or Manitoba either.

      Alberta DOES have Alberta sheriffs. So are they “kind of “REAL”?

      How about New Brunswick? They have the new Brunswick Highway Patrol. (oops wait). They disbanded that in favor of the RCMP in 1978. I guess they decided to become a “NOT REAL” province.

      Then there is Newfoundland & Labrador. They have the Royal NFLD constabulary. So they are a “REAL” province. But they had that police force before 1949 so were they a “REAL” province BEFORE they became a province?

      Then there are Indian reserves . They must be “REAL” provinces because many have their own police departments. But they are federally administrated. So they are “REAL” provinces under federal government control. Wow – confusing.

      So out of all the provinces, the only ones who are unquestionably “REAL” are Cuntario and Queerbec. Yeah, no arrogance there right?

      Policing is, constitutionally a provincial responsibility. Some provinces decide to contract with the RCMP. They could just as easily contract with the municipal police of their capital city if they wanted to or any other arrangement they feel like dreaming up. It’s up to them. Learn some facts before you shoot your stupid fucking mouth off.

      • G

        oops my bad
        – correction. – NB highway patrol was CREATED in 78 disbanded in 89.
        I guess they BECAME A REAL province and decided to be “NOT REAL” in 89. —wierd

        • DD_Austin

          the last sign of any “real” government was in 1850*
          What we got is Robber Barons, their henchmen in blue
          and the “vote” which allows you to choose which of
          their candicates will vote whatever way their told to
          by the party

          As for the “constitution” it’s just poltical asswipe to
          explain why they “can’t” do things

          * Palmerston’s speech on affairs in Greece (25 June 1850)

      • Justin St.Denis

        You overstate your argument by half, and are needlessly insulting in the bargain. Anyhoo….. I suspect that at least part of what “G” was getting at is how readily Canadian provinces hand over their power to federal agencies. “Real” adults fulfill their adult responsibilities and don’t try to “contract them out” to large centralized agencies known for inefficiency, for example, unlike tiny and/or psychologically immature provincial legislatures we can name.

      • Wow, you are one seriously, seriously angry dude.

        “Learn some facts before you shoot your stupid fucking mouth off.”

        Say something like that again and find a new place to hang out. You’ve insulted me more than once and I didn’t do anything about it because it seemed petty, but if you’re going to make a habit of flipping out and swearing at people over minor disagreements you can make like a tree and split.

    • Alain

      Ontario and Quebec come to mind, and they are even more corrupt (hard to believe I know) than the RCMP.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Not really. I suspect they are all equally corrupt. that would be a good subject for another day’s focus.

      • simus1

        The RCMP remains very active in both when it comes to their federal law enforcement designated play areas.

  • WalterBannon

    Here is a rare RCMP training photo:

    Heil Justin.

    • That’ll come.

    • JoKeR

      But the top brass says they need diversity!

      • Clink9

        Heh. Actual LOL.

  • John

    Well, doesn’t the RCMP have a goat as their mascot? If so, we know where many of the new recruits will come from.

  • John

    My dad spent 5 years in the armed forces in WWII for this…

    • Shut up you racist!

    • Mine too.

      • occupant 9

        It won’t be long now that it’ll be determined that commemorating Remembrance Day it an offense and insult to many of our new “Canadians.” The security costs will considered too high.

        Recall last year, the Queen laid a wreath while protected by a real, not ceremonial circle of armed soldiers.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I spent almost a decade in the military. I feel like my country is pissing on my shoes….

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    Where are the gun-hating progressives to argue against unqualified people being hired to carry guns???

    Oh, right…..

    Diversity > EVERYTHING

    • occupant 9

      This is the kind of logic usage that might force some leftists to realize the sinister game is only kept alive with selective omission of reason.

      • Alain

        I doubt it from what I have seen with leftists.

      • Justin St.Denis

        By definition, leftists are incapable of “realizing” anything. “Realization” is beyond them.

        That’s why leftists area s chronically unhappy and frequently turn to drugs, as if a bottle of “Drink Me” is going to make them feel like gods.

        Leftists are usually very small people with a very big “envy problem”.

  • Gary

    The Toronto Police allow non-citizens to be Cops that can carry guns. Yet if you are a canada and want to carry a gun you get put through the wringer with back-ground checks ……. but a Jihadist can parachute into canada as a “refugee” from Syria to be a Cop via the Diversity quota system and get a gun and Cop car to plot a jihad attack on the Jews .