JDL-Canada Confronts the Anti-Semite Ken O’Keefe

It seems that in the newly-minted “inclusive” Canada of Justin Trudeau things are turning upside down – criticism of extremist views is condemned, while extremism is tolerated

  • Tony

    Amazing how U of T allows this anti-Semite to speak on campus but banned Nabeel Qureshi an ex-Muslim from speaking on jihad. Double standards of the highest level.

    • Like all universities U of T is a pile of crap.

      • vwVwwVwv

        InteLeftuals love PaLeftinians and run Uniperversitys all over the west
        isn’t it Mr. Bellrose there, the giant guy?

    • V10_Rob

      Jews, like Christians, are not prone to beheading or detonating when you upset them. The double standard is completely understandable.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Being called an anti-Semite is a badge of honour in my book because it has worn out its shock value!

    • Norman_In_New_York

      No, it’s because the Final Solution wasn’t final enough for you.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        No, I just meant by what I said that when someone uses anti-Semitic they are trying to yes ruin one’s career and make the label stick and they want that person to be demonized to the point of never speaking anywhere. What happened to freedom of speech?! I never advocate anything harmful being done. I just want a non-interventionist foreign policy. I also feel that the label anti-Semitic is overused. I thought that was obvious by my comment.

        • David Smith

          What is obvious by all your comments here is that you are a jack ass trying to inflame decent people and it is a credit to all the people who frequent this site that you are mostly ignored.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Oh ya decent people who want to nuke places and hate on others! Oh ya that is decent.

  • vwVwwVwv

    i recognised a very nice metis there, ryan we love you all, shalom.

  • Gary

    The Cops won’t wake-up until they have a Fort Hood slaughter where a peaceful muslim Cop comes into a Station one day to go Jihad .
    Justin will call it Workplace violence.