Has the world learned anything since Brussels?

It has become alarmingly clear since the Brussels terror attack that the West either doesn’t understand the nature of Islamist terrorism or doesn’t want to. President Obama denies that the Islamic State poses an existential threat, belittles those who disagree, and seems more vested in undermining allies and political opponents than fighting terror. Whether acting out of ideology or naiveté, he refuses to admit the role of religious doctrine and instead blames terrorism on generic criminality, violent extremism, gun violence, or global warming. He fails to address the jihad and genocide being waged against non-Muslims in the Mideast and beyond, does not speak honestly about the Islamist threat, and portrays those who do as hatemongers.

  • simus1

    I will try to cling to my theory that Emperor Barry is just a brain addled idiot savant unable to entirely comprehend the magnitude of the monumental evil confronting our civilized, fragile, world.
    The possible alternatives are too nightmarish to entertain and still remain sane.

    • V10_Rob

      He’s either incompetent, or he’s complicit. No other explanations fit.

  • Dana Garcia

    Maybe a President Trump can smash the PC monster internationally, as he has done so well at home — excepting the White House of course. Obama prefers his MuzBro pals to the rest of us.

  • They haven’t learned because they don’t want to learn. The people who inflict flaming mo hoardes upon a civilized populace are unaffected by the inevitable consequences. They live in secure and opulent places where they are protected by armed guards and high walls. Why should they learn anything? The hell they unleash on the little people doesn’t effect them.

    • Kaye92

      And by the time it does it will be too late … for all of us.

    • DonaldDouglas

      Hi Zilla!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Islamic State doesn’t pose a threat to Obama’s existence because he is on their side and is forced to fake hostilities for political purposes back home.

  • DonaldDouglas