Germany’s AfD Adopts Anti-Islam Stance at Party Conference

BERLIN—Germany’s upstart Alternative for Germany party on Sunday adopted a clear anti-Islam stance in a platform that lays the foundation for the populist party’s bid to win parliamentary seats in federal elections next year.

The manifesto adopted by members gathered in Stuttgart for a party conference states that “Islam is not a part of Germany” and rejects minarets and the Muslim call to prayer—the clearest move yet by the party to harness widespread concern in Europe’s largest country about steeply rising refugee numbers in recent years.

Founded in 2013, the AfD has surged in popularity amid the migrant crisis, benefiting from growing concerns among Germans over how the country will manage to integrate the more than one million migrants that arrived last year alone.

More… German populists AfD adopt anti-Islam manifesto

The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) adopted a stance against Islam in their policy manifesto on Sunday, adding fuel to the controversy that has consistently surrounded the party.

“Islam is not part of Germany,” declared the new statement from the party, after the more moderate formulation to “stop Islamism but seek dialogue with Islam” was booed down by the 2,000 some party members in attendance at the two-day convention in the southern city of Stuttgart.

“Courage. Truth. Germany.” read the banners that decorated the hall at the predominantly male meeting. The populists’ new anti-Islam policy also called for a ban on minarets, the public call to prayer and headscarves in public schools.

  • Brett_McS

    Let me consult my crystal ball for a moment …. it’s becoming clear … yes …. I see it now. I predict that the AfD will do very well in the next election!

    Didn’t see that coming, eh?

    • canminuteman

      What I see coming is the state banning the party and the police kicking down members doors in the night, then a civil war were the left and Islam team up to fight Germans.

      • Brett_McS

        You have the new model crystal ball?

  • Gary

    As long as muslims keep pouring in to Western nations to act like some Master-Faith people must cater to , they will continue to provoke the negative perceptions they so often whine about when they cry islamophobia to silence people.

    They only have them self to blame for why islam is the most hated religion on Earth based on its tenets and the actions of its followers .
    6,000,000,000 non-muslims are fed-up with the mass slaughters, suicide-bombers, beheading children, sex-slaves, jew-hatred, plus the Mental Illness to believe that they are blessed by allah and destine to rule the World by sharia in a gay-Free caliphate.
    Once islam kills off all the hard working smart people they will be back in the 10th century producing children that are ignorant peons that pray and toil in the fields while the girls are groomed to be baby-machines for allah.

  • pdxnag

    Muslims make clear that non-Muslims are not welcome next door, in Germany, anywhere on the planet. Okay then, understood.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Their slogan comes very close to “Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Gott.” Not that it isn’t needed.