Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West

  • Gary

    Toronto is turning into a crap hole all because of the leaders and Diversity where they allow other nations to have a common culture or language which is why the Vacation there with OUR money…..but somehow Canada is not allowed to have a identity or shared Culture .
    Toronto is not the City of the early 60’s that I remember which the people of today mock as a racist City with no Diversity.
    Well great…..now it’s the MOST racist City on Earth as a Patch Quilt of over 100 languages and 60 plus Nationalities via their self-segregation to among THEiR kind which is fine for John Tory but there is NO Little-Canada allowed in Toronto because that’s Racist.

    Among the non-whites , that are now the majority in Toronto, they are fractured and have sub-groups for religion and past nationality . Then we have the 50-shades of islam where we now see calls to kill the Ahmadi’s as apostates on top of the Sunni-Shi’ite hatred to kill each other one day .
    Take a look at the Toronto Police that look Diverse in the PR Photo to recruit people to fill a quota but it has now become Political and it promotes 2 religions in public when the Police Uniform was meant to be neutral to appease the Catholics and Protestants along with atheists.
    That Police Diversity Dies a quick death when the Officers are ghettoized to be parachuted into THEIR community where they rarely work with other Diverse Cops or Citizens in Toronto. This means that they are pretty well stuck in a Diversity job in Canada with no hope of moving to a large American city to be a Cop there when you have little experience in N.American culture or you’re 5 feet 4 inches tall while the hard-core criminal carry guns and 99% of them are bigger than you .

    Every nation had their Army in UNIFORMS and trains them the same way while all the equipment is in their language. How the hell could Canada fight a war with soldiers speaking 80 languages and 80% of them want to wear their cultural dress while 25% may still be loyal to the Nation they fled whole we are at war with it and they won’t shoot at the enemy.

    Justin’s dad wanted to kill canada from within to wipe out any non-french cultural and now his Son will finish it off by importing people that want us DEAD according to their holy book.
    Over 20 years ago I told a co-worker that the Politicians refusal to deal with the gun crimes and drugs among Minorities will make Toronto like Chicago while the over spending will turn it into a Detroit that is bankrupt .

    • k1

      OOOOOOH plenty of white Policemen are Organized Crime too
      Some people were born evil THAT’S what I see

      I have to say the people who FOLLOW the leaders ARE THE WORST
      The buck has to STOP somewhere so STOP passing it or it gets out of hand!

      YES! You are RIGHT. They should have dealt with this stuff 20 years ago

  • Jim Horne

    I will be circulating this video far and wide.

    In Canada our elitist class of politicians push diversity, not to unite us, but divide us and to make it easier for them to maintain power over us. “A house divide cannot stand.” That maximum is true and applies to any society. Canadian culture and Canadian values are constantly being undermined by the very people we elect.

    Is it time for a populist party to replace the tired and worn out mainstream parties? Do we need political leaders who truly represent the people and will be fearless in speaking the truth about the distructive ideologies that are being embraced by the elites?

  • ontario john

    The daily stabbings and shootings in Toronto are a picture of what diversity brings to Canada. And does that little shithead Trudeau ever spend time working in Ottawa. Every day he is somewhere getting his picture took. Today he is in Toronto for a selfie with Prince Harry. But then, every one in Canada loves Trudeau.

  • ontario john

    The Toronto Star is excited this morning that a group of whiny indians want mandatory instruction for all Ontario teachers in whiny indian issues. Yes, now Ontario kiddies can learn how whiny indians were persecuted by those evil white Europeans, in addition to their studies on homosexual sex, lesbian sex, and transgender rights.

    • Clausewitz

      And that’s the thanks we get for dragging them kicking and screaming into the 19th century.