Sony files to patent new contact lenses that can record video, store it, play it back – and adjust zoom, focus and aperture automatically

Contact Lens

Sony has come up with intelligent contact lenses capable of recording and playing video – all with the blink of an eye.

The Tokyo-based firm filed a patent application, published earlier this month, revealing how the smart lenses would use movements of the eyelids to activate various functions, CW33 reported.

Seven Japanese inventors designed the contacts, which would include a camera, a wireless processing unit and a storage unit.

Google foresight: Web giant patents plans to build electronic eye implants

google foresight

The unnamed product is designed to improve ailing eyesight and is currently at the patent stage of development, so details are sketchy.

However, the web giant appears to be working on new wearable – or should we say livable – tech that would see an electronic lens inserted into people’s eyeballs.

What does the Koran says about this – and can they be implanted without Moslem’s people’s knowledge?