Robert Spencer speaks in Calgary, Leftists and Islamic supremacists outraged

I spoke Thursday evening to an overflow crowd in Calgary, Alberta (and last night to another in Grand Prairie). The talks were videoed and should be on YouTube soon, but in the meantime, here is a typical mainstream media report on my talk in Calgary. Typical, that is, in being viciously biased and unfair — but because it is so typical, it is worth examining a bit. This is supposed to be an article about my speaking in Calgary, but it contains not a word about what I actually said in Calgary. Instead, it is mostly about what a terrible fellow I am. Comments interspersed below.

  • Justin St.Denis


    Get up early in the a.m. Go outside. Look around. Take stock. Genuinely Stupid Cabadians have bullshit MSM papers delivered to their homes. Note the addresses to which these are delivered. Avoid speaking to the residents of said homes to save yourself one helluva lotta stress….

  • chuck_2012

    Canadians are a rather naive lot ans perhaps will realize only too late what the muslim threat really means. Obviously the Jews have seen a long time ago what it means..we should learn from them.

  • Dana Garcia

    You can’t say enough bad about the ADL — they are deeply evil. It is supposed to look out for the safety of Jews, but that aim has long been subsumed to liberal ideology, particularly open borders.

    In 2002 it polled for anti-semitism among various groups and found that foreign-born hispanics are twice as likely as homegrown to have anti-semitic views:
    The findings in brief … Strongly anti-Semitic:
    17% of Americans
    35% of Hispanics
    44% of foreign-born Hispanics
    20% of Hispanic Americans born in U.S.

    Nevertheless, for years the ADL has attacked the Minutemen, a border watch group, calling them racist extremists etc. just for wanting to keep out illegal aliens, most of whom are hispanic.