Media starting to come together on Saudi 9-11 involvement

Under cover of 2016 election headlines, the liberal media have  finally confessed  that the Saudi ruling clan is directly responsible for the 9/11/01 mass terror attack on the Twin Towers in New  York City and on the  Pentagon fifteen years ago.

These facts have been widely rumored, because the 17 attackers followed Saudi  (Wahhabi) war  theology, along with thousand-year-old suicide-murder tactics against infidels.

That news has now been confirmed by the major media, which colluded in fifteen years of cover-up. 

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    When the real truth is going come out the closet.

    • I would dearly love to see those 28 pages.

      • Zero tolerance for terror. Nationalize all Saudi assets.

        And tell them the truth – Mohammad was a pedophile.

        That’s a good start.

        • P_F

          “And tell them the truth – Mohammad was a pedophile, bloodsucking TERRORIST”
          Here, fixed it for ya.

          • DVult

            Tell them the truth – several dozen nukes will arrive in a minute or so.

        • John

          There are 100s of 1000s of Saudis studying at our universities, and stealing our technologies and scientific discoveries. They should be sent packing because everything their learn will eventually be used against us.

  • barryjr

    And these are the thugs the green thugs would rather buy oil from than Canadians. The US should charge them and freeze all their assets then tell these thugs “we don’t honour debts to terrorists so take your bonds and shove them”.

  • vimy

    The article points fingers at the left wing media but Micheal Moore (hate him if you like) had the Saudi involvement right in Fahrenheit 9/11. The Americans going to war in Iraq afterwards seems like a real favor to Saudi Arabia as well.

    The movie was one sided in who it picked as a villain but I think both political parties in the states are equal partners in crime here.

    If my memory serves me right I believe W5 in Canada had an episode about the Saudis getting out of Dodge after 911 but not sure what slant they put on it if any at the time.

    Now I am going to make an assumption here. Maybe Trump somehow got a hold of those 28 pages and this was his ace up his sleeve if the republicans tried to steal the nomination from him and ammo against whom ever was going to be his rival in the up coming general election.

    Let me have it if you thing that last bit is crazy, or my whole post for that matter.

    • We have all been mercenaries for the Saudis.

    • John

      The Saudis were the only ones, apart from Bush and Cheney, who were allowed to fly that day.

  • john700

    Or is it a plot by Obama to make the rapprochement with Iran more palatable?

    • Good point.

    • Martin B

      Hmmm….the Kenyan certainly invested a lot in that nuke deal, even after the mullahs utterly humiliated him by parading those captured Navy sailors in front of the whole world:

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It is much harder for the Saudis to buy off the press when the price of crude plummets and the demand weakens.

    • Oh they still have plenty to go round, assuming the documents are released watch for a favourable spin.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    What was the point in going to Iraq and Afghanistan? Seems 9/11 is used to justify everything. It also shows how much the government lies and how I cannot believe how much interventionists get fooled. This does promote the 9/11 truth agenda.

    • John

      It was, for sure, a godsend for certain financial interests. It also opened the door to unscrupulous politicians seeking to enhance public surveillance and to increase the reach of the security services against mostly ordinary, innocent people.

  • mauser 98

    NYPD, NSA , CIA ,FBI , DoD ,White House and a bunch of others and only 28 pages?

    • Justin St.Denis

      My feelings precisely. The Saudi involvement has been known for eons. But the CIA’s and the FBI’s involvement is startling, and not addressed in the “28 pages”.

      • mauser 98

        like the Panama Papers… selective release

  • chayisun

    When Donald Trump becomes President he, not being a politician who has received support from big business, can reveal all the rot that is within the American political system. Hopefully he also can reveal the Saudi involvement in terrorism around the world. Are there any muslims in the world who actually condemn terrorism?

    As for the Donald, I would watch my back. Many of the people who have opposed the Clinton’s seem to meet a premature end.

  • Rozza

    Nope, no blowback potential for any other political group as result of the new found interest in the new Pearl Harbor.