Everyone howls at batty Ken – but they wouldn’t dare tackle racist Muslims

I have known and disagreed with Ken Livingstone for nearly 40 years. I especially loathe his slippery excuse-making for the IRA, and I think he has done more damage to this country than almost any other figure on the Left.

But it is ridiculous to call him an ‘apologist for Hitler’, or to suggest that he is an anti-Jewish bigot.

I was just leaving the BBC’s Westminster studios on Thursday when Mr Livingstone stepped into an over-excited knot of political reporters. They looked like what they are – simultaneously a pack of snapping wolves, buzzing with self-righteousness, and a flock of bleating, conformist sheep, all thinking and saying exactly the same thing.

  • Yo Mama

    That’s an unfair comparison. Ken won’t threaten to behead us!

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Anyone that challenges the German orthodoxy of WW2 is fine by me.

    People are sick and tired of being called Jew haters and anti-Semites. It has lost its shock value. What I would not mind is understanding the events leading up to WW2. Dates and figures are less important than understanding the truth about WW2.

    Wars happen because of figures that want war. People have to realize that the average person does not decide war. The leaders do so for the average person. It shows that even now that society has not evolved past the lords and ladies mentality of the Middle Ages. People need to regain their control.

    • Una Salus

      The causes of WWII aren’t relevant here but you’ll probably find an ally in Peter Hitchens who maintains that Lord Londonderry was on the right track all along and that Hitler would have been content to leave England to her own devices.
      Peter Hitchens is quite batty himself which is why he gets on so well with Ken Livingstone.
      As far as I’m aware he doesn’t dare tackle racist Muslims either believing the English are obligated to be good hosts to their guests even if they are unwelcome.