UK: MP denounces face veils as a ‘symbol of violence’ against women

WEARING face veils has been denounced by an MP as a “symbol of violence” against women.

David Davies said garments such as the burka and niqab send out a message that women are the “property” of their husbands and close male relatives – and offer men an “excuse” to sexually attack an uncovered woman.

Mr Davies, who made his comments during a Westminster Hall debate on violence against women and girls, was also highly critical of publicly funded bodies giving what he described as “medieval-style” advice to Muslim women.

“The Muslim Council of Britain is often viewed as a moderate organisation and is in receipt of public funds, yet looking at some of the groups affiliated to it sets alarm bells ringing,” he said.

“For example, Blackburn Muslim Association – which has received public money in the past for an education project – advises Muslims that it is not permissible for a women to travel a distance exceeding 48 miles without a husband or close male relative chaperone.

“Apparently, 48 miles is the distance a women would have been able to travel in three days on a camel in a desert in seventh-century Saudi Arabia. It is now being applied to 21st-century Britain.

  • Barrington Minge

    The Burka…like snogging a trash bag…who would bother?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This MP is more of a feminist than the chardonnay-sipping dikes who bitch and moan at lavish conferences.

    • Very true.

      • As long as one woman is forced to wear these hideous garments they should be illegal in a civilized society.

        Western “feminists” who acquiesce to “Islamic head bags” are fools of the highest order.

  • moraywatson

    The solution to this is to make all muslims ride camels. Whether they are in Britain, Canada, Sweden, wherever. No cars. No buses. No trains. Just camels. If you’re riding a camel, you can wear whatever you want.

    • AlanUK

      But you can only smoke one kind of cigarette …

      • moraywatson


  • John

    Mr Davies is a neo-colonialist, neo-imperialist islamophobic raaaycist..

    • AlanUK

      You’re right.
      He IS one of the good guys

  • Alain

    He at least got it half right. While it symbolises that women are merely a man’s property, in the West it is more often a political statement: giving the host country and its people the finger.

  • infedel

    …”“I do not suggest this is going on in the Sharia courts we have at the moment,…”

    right there; that is the problem…sharia courts in the West.