UK: MP denounces face veils as a ‘symbol of violence’ against women

WEARING face veils has been denounced by an MP as a “symbol of violence” against women.

David Davies said garments such as the burka and niqab send out a message that women are the “property” of their husbands and close male relatives – and offer men an “excuse” to sexually attack an uncovered woman.

Mr Davies, who made his comments during a Westminster Hall debate on violence against women and girls, was also highly critical of publicly funded bodies giving what he described as “medieval-style” advice to Muslim women.

“The Muslim Council of Britain is often viewed as a moderate organisation and is in receipt of public funds, yet looking at some of the groups affiliated to it sets alarm bells ringing,” he said.

“For example, Blackburn Muslim Association – which has received public money in the past for an education project – advises Muslims that it is not permissible for a women to travel a distance exceeding 48 miles without a husband or close male relative chaperone.

“Apparently, 48 miles is the distance a women would have been able to travel in three days on a camel in a desert in seventh-century Saudi Arabia. It is now being applied to 21st-century Britain.