This Christian Doctrine Is Now a ‘Hate Crime’ Under Police Investigation

Earlier this month, an employee at a Catholic university committed a devastating hate crime. A student accused her of denying her “existence” because she adhered to a traditional Christian doctrine: that human beings are male and female. The police are investigating this horrific injustice, according to Loyola Marymount University’s Orwellian-named Bias Incident Response Team.

There are contradictory reports on what happened, but both sides agree that the offending employee (who will remain nameless) expressed the Christian doctrine — and general commonsense principle — that people are either men or women. This idea has become the hate crime “denying transgenderism.” Cosette Carleo, a student involved in the incident, said “you can have your opinion,” so long as it doesn’t “deny my existence.”

  • huron

    ooohh man the ship be keelin

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Note to self: do not send my kids to Marymount.

    • Martin B

      Loyola Marymount and other universities like it are nothing but frauds. They use their Catholic designation to lure in Catholic parents who think their sons & daughters will get some semblance of traditional Catholic education, then once they get the suckers to hand over the tuition money, they teach Social Justice faggotry instead.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        It’s theft and should be a capital crime.

        • Justin St.Denis

          But it’s a Jesuit specialty!

  • Let’s see; leftists and their weirdo manifestations have crossed out God, man and woman’s uniqueness and the individual’s right to be an individual.

    Yep, we’re in Nazi Germany.

    Did I just invoke Godwin’s Law?

    If the shoe fits….

  • RevnantDream

    There used to be a sound doctrine called separation of Church & State. Now that the State has become supreme, who keeps the State out of real Religions & any individuals conscience?