These Anti-Trump TURBAS Are America’s Future—Unless Immigration Is Stopped NOW

Paul Kersey called me early this morning to urge me to me to write the concluding fictional chapter I had originally projected for my 1995 immigration book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster: about the flight of the last white family in Los Angeles, led by a heroine I would call Virginia Dare, because it seemed…somehow symmetrical. (For some reason, this idea really annoyed the Southern Poverty Law Center—$PLC to

Kersey’s point: the mobbing of the Trump rally in Costa Mesa on April 28 (as well as the San Fernando freeway shutdowns ignored by the national Main Stream Media but reported by Steve Sailer) showed that Mexifornia, with its characteristic Latin American intolerance and tradition of public intimidation by turba is now here.

  • Shameless plug: We will have several stories about the violent Latino anti-Trump protests in tomorrow’s Continental Breakfast, including one where the protesters essentially say, “We are the hatred that Donald Trump creates”.

    Yet the MSM remains silent.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I can’t wait.
      So far, what nobody is covering is the coordination between the Democrat Party, and the PSL Communists.
      Look for their flags and red armbands, second only to the Mexican flags.

      • If you see any articles about that please post or email a link.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          I was watching the news as I was reading their Twitter feed.
          There flags with their logos were quite prominent.
          Some ascribed it to “ANSWER” but the only group I could positively identify was PSL.
          Take a look at their first video and that first Mexican girl with the kinky hair speaking seems to be the exact same girl that went viral yesterday denouncing white men who want to build a wall on Mexican land.


          They look the same.

      • andycanuck

        And Soros organizations paying for it all.

  • jack burns

    I may have a masochistic streak because I took the time to read many, many posts regarding this by my younger, lefty, agitprop brethren and my conclusion is that 1) they are stupid almost beyond comprehension, 2) their passion for social justice is cloaked by a fiercer passion to never do an honest day’s work in their lives. The prime mover is some vague suspicion articulated by the battle cry of ‘this is why we can’t have nice things’. Trump concretizes the rich guy who is guarding the secret pile of money who won’t share it with them because he’s just a meanie. So, the War on Poverty is over and the shakeout is that the middle class youth has adopted the values of the perennial poor instead of the intended result. Mention Kate Steinle for instance and their isn’t a flicker of empathy. I think I understand now the wisdom of European monarchies who had long, draining wars to bleed off the rabble. What a shame to have to know that.

    • There is a video coming up you should have a look at. It pretty much captures your statement.

      • jack burns

        Thanks, I’ll look for it.