PM Selfie’s vanishing act

Anything we could say about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau banning all journalists except New York-based Vice Media from his historic visit to the remote Shoal Lake 40 First Nation reserve Thursday would sound self-serving.

But when you ban the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) and The Canadian Press wire service, representing all major Canadian media, it shows arrogance and poor judgment.

Justin kardashian press release

  • V10_Rob

    Awww, poor little media lapdogs. Did Justin and co. let slip that they don’t particularly need you any more?

    Don’t despair, I’m sure they’ll come courting again when they need you to smear the Tories and NDP next election.

  • Frances

    Why did he have to go with an American film company anyway? There are plenty of good Canadian ones. Vice should have been told “no, thanks, the APTN will do this documentary”.

  • Justin Trudeau and Gerald’s Butt. A classic photo of the PM and his chief advisor together.

    • Will Quest


  • Barrington Minge

    Dear god. That put me right off my porridge!!
    No wonder Kanje West looks so miserable.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Kanye Kinte.