Mother of Canadian children abducted to Iran looking for Trudeau’s direct intervention

The mother of four Canadian kids abducted and taken to Iran wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to back up his talk of concern for her children with some action.

Last month Trudeau told the House of Commons that arranging for the safe return of Alison Azer’s children is a priority for his government.

Azer, however, says she has tried a number of times to convince Trudeau to speak to Iranian officials but without success. “Why hasn’t the Canadian government reached out to Iran directly?” she asked. “Trudeau could pick up the phone to Rouhani but he hasn’t.”

She really should check with the hostages in the Phillipines.

  • Frances

    Our PM could make the call, but would Rouhani pick up the phone?

    • I doubt it. I hope someone sends Rouhani this pic of Justin.

      • john700

        Justin is trying to convince the Iranians to buy some Bombardier planes, who cares about the outrageous requests made by this mother?

        • I agree with you in the fact that this woman is a fool. Of course she deserves profound human empathy, but she is a fool.. Therefore, the Liberals easily deceived her

      • I’m sorry . It seems to me that it comes to a journalist from Al Jazeera ,Mohamed Fahmy . If that is so, then this her compare is inadequate. IMHO . Although , yes, indeed,appealing to Fahmy ‘s Canadian citizenship leftists with the rotten brains have raised scandal . However this journalist aka Mohamed Fahmy worked for Al Jazeera. It’s the Qatari edition, which should be prohibited because they broadcast disinformation and praise terrorists ,and/or at least they rehabilitate terrorists, in particular, such as Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood .This edition was engaged in incitement, demanded the return Mursi in Egypt . Therefore, the persons who were similar to this “journalist” could be deprived of Canadian citizenship. .

  • BillyHW

    Filthy, disgusting, treasonous, malodourous cunt-whore.

    God is going to bring such a reckoning to Western women. I hope I live to see the day.

  • huron

    yea this is Justin yea I am cute ….blinkity blink..helo heelllooo helo must have got cut off cut off!

    • Will Quest

      When Egyptian Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy was incarcerated in Egypt the so-called ‘ progressives’ led by the CBC where screaming for Harper to pick up the phone, now JUST-IN is given a pass……. hypocritical Trudeau sycophants ……

      • Very true.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Just like the Occupy people who were suppressing rape stories because it would hurt the movement.
        Filthy fuckers.

  • canminuteman

    If you breed with foreigners of a particular persuasion this is a foreseeable outcome.

    • john700

      They showed on TV some family pictures and they were celebrating Christmas. I guess the father is an Iranian Christian.

      • k1962

        If so, why would he go back to the Islamic Republic of Iran where Christians and other minorities are persecuted? Actually, I heard he was of Kurdish background. So, maybe a Kurd from Iran, but probably not a Christian, just not religious.

  • Reader

    Justin is just a sock puppet for this advisors, Gerald Butts, Omar Alghabra and Katie Telford.

    He is straight out of the book, Being There, except Chauncey Gardner is the Prime Minister!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      One of my favourite movies that I watched when I was a kid.
      Watched it again just a few months ago and saw so much more in it than I had ever imagined.
      Peter Sellers was a genius and I have all the Goon Show episodes to keep me warm at night.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Maybe she’s talking to the wrong Trudeau, didn’t one of the others lobby on behalf of the Iranians?

  • ismiselemeas

    Here he is here as head of the BC Kurdish Society and member of the BC Medical Council. This prick managed to leave Canada with FOUR CHILDREN and nobody checked for a travel document from the mother despite it being court mandated, he traveled through Germany and then on to north Iran. Everybody needs to be on the hook for this from the Kurdish Society, The Medical Society, Canadian Border Security, the airlines, every body. I can’t even take my kids shopping in the States without signed travel permission from their mother. US border guards ask for it every time.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Kurds are still muslim.
      Why does everyone forget this.
      The enemy of my enemy still wants to cut my head off.

      • The Al Jazeera is identical to that Canadian edition who is caled the Toronto star .But the Americans do not realize this fact

    • The Kurds do not submit to the president of Iran. And in any case, the Iranian president will not listen to the requests of the Canadian Prime Minister.

    • And more one should not idealize the American foreign policy, when it comes to terrorists and adepts of Islam. For example, theUS president Obama favors the Muslim Brotherhood. More Americans do not consider Al Jazeera, as the mouthpiece of terrorists, and just that this media is the mouthpiece for terrorists

    • I agree with you. Because the Kurds are not a gift like all other muslims
      However, Harper really has considered the Kurds as people who need help from the West Because this nation that has its own culture, language, traditions, unlike those “Palestinians”, but they are not given the right to self-determination. And then he began to consider the Kurds as natural allies in the fight against ISIL. Ie Harper clearly had reasons for his actions, although of course it all could have been criticized And yet,I agree with you because, these bastards (from the Liberal Party of Canada, such as Trudeau and Dion) never have criticized Harper essentially. Because apparently they do not have a deep mind, and not just because they are hypocritical. Well, for example, they will never admit ;-))) that all Muslims are dangerous. But they are always ready to accuse Harper of Islamophobia and callousness.And yet, they will never agree if those who are with them birds of a feather take a well-deserved punishment. For example, they have raised a scandal when this disinformer, who has imagined himself a journalist was planted in the Egypt prison for the moral support of terrorists.

    • And if he choses the Kurds when fate offers to select between the Kurds and the Palestinians those to whom should extend a helping hand in self-determination. And yet, he picks out the Kurds as natural allies in the fight against ISIL. And if he did not try to release that disinformater who worked for the Al Jazeera with the help of “phone calls” to a moderate dictator Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, in this case his ability to think will be obvious without the playing information from Wikipedia in the field of quantum mechanics and with the bare eye, as well as his competence as the head of state, even if he makes mistakes
      Because al-Sisi is the only guarantor of the secularism in Egypt.And al-Sisi is selected by the Egyptians instead Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood.Even if John Kerry does not want to admit it. A journalist from Al Jazeera should be deprived of their status and in any case they should not be not protected from the punishment for incitement and misinformation, for the rehabilitation of terrorists

  • it’sthatbad

    Canada’s Muslim Jr. Kid, playing Prime Minister. Even O’dumbo makes jokes about this dancing pony.! How many more Muslims are coming into canada this year, LOLOL, Good Luck with that one. How proud you must be to see him in his Mosque.