Majority of educated Muslims abroad still favor imposition of sharia law

The West is in a major-league mess when it comes to immigration. Enlightened conservatives have known this for many years. The ostriches are just coming to their awakening, or else heads remain firmly buried in the sands of political correctness.

The pro-immigration narrative in many quarters has gone as follows. We need immigrants to grow our economy and do the jobs our own people won’t do, but don’t worry: nobody who wants to emigrate to our nation desires to change our legal system into an authoritarian structure. This policy platform does not discriminate between educated and uneducated immigrants; in fact, it tends to prefer the latter, as they have negligible wage bargaining power and will do the supposed “jobs Westerners won’t do.”

  • V10_Rob

    What is this ‘jobs Americans/Canadians/etc. won’t do’ bullshit anyway?

    It’s a disingenuous excuse when you’re using ‘we can’t find anyone with these skills’ work visas to import them in bulk, and then give your native employees termination notice. And just to add insult to that injury, they get to spend their final weeks training their replacements.

    And as Douglas Murray pointed out, it’s disgustingly racist. Your argument is that we need a bunch of brown serfs to toil at our menial tasks in perpetuity.

    The worker rights and anti-racists of the left should be screaming bloody murder about immigration.

  • Shebel

    What Canada needs is more Muslims.

    We just love to kiss your fucking ass.

    • Justin does.

      • V10_Rob

        He’s doing the job Canadians won’t.

    • John Boy

      How many Trudeau Cabinet members support Sharia law?

  • Shebel

    Canada does not need any more monkey assed immigrants.
    What we should do is let our population dwindle—-until —there is a Job for everybody.
    And those that don’t take a lob—-get cut of welfare.

  • tom_billesley

    Eloi and Morlocks.