Hill Clinton joins Vogue as yesterday’s icon

From Mashable: She is playing the “woman” card.

Clinton’s official Woman Card

Donald Trump’s “woman card” remark is the dubious gift that keeps on giving.

“We’ve been hearing from supporters all over the country that they’d like a “woman card” of their very own — to display proudly on a fridge or pull out of their wallet every time they run into someone who says women who support Hillary must not be using our brains (that’s a real thing Donald Trump’s senior adviser said yesterday),” Clinton’s Women’s Outreach Director Mini Timmaraju said in the email.


With reduced-jail-time loyalty points?

Our American friend, writes to say,

The woman’s card gimmick is from another age, where outrage worked because political correctness was dominant and easily enforced.

By now you’d think the smarter ones in the Ruling Class would get it: Trump says what everyone or a majority thinks because it’s true. Apart from being a woman, there’s no case for Hillary except . . . the crookedness. Some consultant got a bonus for thinking up this physical card. To be used in fundraising, of course.

What I find interesting is how early in the cycle Trump said this about Hillary. Really at the first opportunity when it became clear that they were the nominees. Don’t think that physical card will
have much purchase come, oh, September.

Yes. Few young American women can have come of age in our time who think that a woman couldn’t in principle be president; that that would be breaking a Big Taboo. The woman who will be president is Hill, if they vote for her. That’s the problem they face.

Now, question: Do political consultants really think most Yanks see “the first black president” as a big plus? So they should now want “the first woman president,” then “the first gay president,” then “the first transgender president,” then “the first Muslim president,” who, as it happens, is a good Islamist and has most for the foregoing flogged and executed?

No wonder Trump blindsided them! They’ve been drinking their own bathwater! They haven’t noticed that most people only pretend to believe that stuff now.

Reality check: None of the above means Clinton can’t win. But if she does, it will certainly be for reasons other than her campaign, which just has not excited Dem voters. And this Woman Card move is not likely to prove an exception.

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