College SJWs: ‘Hatred of White People’ is ‘Legitimate Response to Oppression’

Students attending the all-women’s college of Scripps in Claremont, California receive a handy yet “unofficial survival guide” written by and for students as a way to help them navigate their new campus lifestyle. It was introduced last fall but as a “living document,” it is constantly updated (just like progressives would like the Constitution to be!). Students can get advice on how to choose a major, the essentials every dorm room needs, and most importantly, the assurance that “hatred of white people” is a “legitimate response to oppression.”

  • What a bunch of fricken losers.

    May they be hundreds of thousands into debt for their college “education”.

    • Imagine owing all that for a degree in women’s studies.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Somehow I had the intuition to wriggle off that hook.
        I grew up a mile away from the University of Manitoba.

      • infedel

        …or the pan-african majors

  • infedel

    Bullshit…if it wasn’t for the white men you would all be slaves to elite (and we are on our way there); and especially slaves to islam.

    • DMB

      Not to mention the most successful and most prosperous racial group in history. These social justice warriors are rebelling there largely middle class up bringing.

      • infedel

        The Frankfurt school infiltration has paid off for a bit; but people are waking up.

  • Dana Garcia

    I can’t believe in a god who isn’t a perfect speller.

    • andycanuck

      Satan causes typos! G*d is the eraser!

  • andycanuck

    A Slim Whitman?

  • Kathy Prendergast

    These people aren’t going to get anywhere until they learn to write their upper-case “e’s” properly and to spell “is”.

    • jack burns

      …at least.

  • jack burns

    They have a deep need for the caucs to be the devil incarnate. The way that they are going about it they are going to get their needs met. Children of the urban upper middle class and above. The brains of a chicken.

    • Kell

      it would be funny if all us white devils stopped paying the taxes these losers live off, huh? ungrateful assholes!

  • Clausewitz

    You can only be oppressed if you give up fighting. I guess that’s why so many on the political left feel oppressed since they’ve sold their souls to crypto fascism.

  • Kell

    Can y’all just feel all the tolerance these folks give off?! All this bullshit actually makes me even prouder of the white-race! (why did your program underline everything after ‘the’? hmmmmmmmm

  • Hard Little Machine

    And I hate you too. Die screaming, faggot.