Are Social Justice Warriors Stifling Free Speech?

Disclaimer: I consider myself a moderate progressive. I believe in gender equality, racial justice and free speech. It’s important you remember that, because this piece contains keywords and ideas that radical progressives really, really hate.

Last year Jerry Seinfeld, possibly the world’s most politically correct comedian, made headlines for his criticism of how society was heading towards an unrealistic expectation of politeness. Political correctness — a worn out buzz term at the very least — had gotten so extreme that even Seinfeld was on the receiving end of complaints, mostly from millennials who were angry over some of the material in Seinfeld’s act.

  • Dana Garcia

    I did notice the Mexicans and anarchists protesting Trump in Burlingame yesterday were chanting, “Shut it down.”

  • jack burns

    These are people who are looking at a future where their highest level of achievement is assistant manager at Pizza Hut, maybe. They are the flat stupid grist for the mill that forms the base of the communist food pyramid. “Free speech” is way too abstract for them. They are likely getting paid a few bucks for their efforts so this makes them feel like political players instead of dead end losers. Let’s not put lipstick on these pigs.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      There’s a Subway near our satellite headquarters that is staffed primarily by angry lesbians.
      I know, redundant.
      The atmosphere of hate in that store is dank and heavy like an evening thunderstorm in the summer.
      I’d rather get food poisoning at Burger King than eat there.
      And I get food poisoning every time I eat at Burger King.
      Hey, Confederation Drive Burger King in Saskatoon, I’m talking about you.
      You E. Coli spewing dorks.