US national mammal… the buffalo

Symbols tell us so much. From Christine Rousselle at Townhall:

A bill adopting the bison as the “national mammal” of the United States passed the House of Representatives earlier this week, and is expected to be passed by the Senate as well. The bison would join the bald eagle as America’s national animals. More.

Reality check: An exceptionally stupid prey animal is just what the United States needs to model itself after just now.

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  • How exactly will this improve the general condition of the republic?

  • Bison tastes delicious and has a low fat content.

    Just like Americans.

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    • Exile1981

      obviously you don’t see the ones in walmart.

  • The Butterfly

    Us butterflies get no respect.

  • Frances

    The trip from Hay River to Fort Smith goes through wood buffalo country. It was always interesting; a buffalo with attitude could take out a car, no sweat. The big debate was whether one should drive with headlights on or off (this was back in the day before daylight running lights); the theory was that the headlights would warn the buffalo off, though some held that a buffalo in a foul mood would see the headlights as animal eyes and charge even faster.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      They are extremely dangerous animals. But their babies are cute; I saw a picture of a buffalo calf when I was a kid once and immediately wanted one of my very own. My parents thought differently.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    I like bison, although nearly everyone calls them buffalo where I’m from. They’re not too bright, but still they’re smarter than domestic cattle, they are ferociously mean and ornery when they or their young are threatened, their wool is one of the softest and warmest in the world, and they make damn tasty burgers. I don’t think choosing an animal as a national symbol necessarily means the citizens share all its qualities. Are all Canadians furry water dwellers with big buck teeth?