The statistics don’t support helicopter parenting

The story of a mother from the Canadian city of Winnipeg, Manitoba who received an aggressive visit from the provincial Child and Family Services unit because she allowed her three children to play in the family’s backyard has received international attention.

It’s a frightening tale, and certainly adds fuel to the fire for calls to severely curtail — and in many cases, eliminate — the powers of government agencies whose role is purportedly to ensure the safety of children. As the case at hand illustrates, it is all too easy for the overly broad and intrusive powers to be misused and employed by unscrupulous individuals both inside and outside the bureaucracy for the sole purpose of harassing private citizens engaged in legal activities.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    It’s like SWAT-ing.

    • How did people end up like this?

      • Alain

        It didn’t happen overnight. It was a gradual process of eliminating every personal freedom, and like the frog in the pot people gave in to the government/experts knows best. Be it raising your own children, seat belts, bicycle helmets, smoking, drinking, eating or any thing else, no one other than a minority in each case balked, protested or challenged it.

    • Exile1981

      I had it done to me a couple weeks ago. At least the lady from CPS was understanding that person who called them did it for personel reasons.

  • huron

    good lord my parents would be jailed today when they said go jump in the river it was literal (st clair river)

  • useless opinion

    A teacher some years ago said he could make my life hell by calling the CAS in Ontario. I beat him to it by calling the police and telling them he was threatening me with a false report. Cops show up at school to question him and the principal. I was never messed with again.

    • ntt1


  • ntt1

    The problem is the suspicion that the CPS drones are social justice warriors weighing every intervention on the political correctitude scale , they are corrupt. Time to disband and form another agency that will go after ALL ethnic groups not just white suburbanites

    • Will Quest

      You would think that the the provincial Child and Family Services would have their agenda full with the dysfunctional natives families of Manitoba …..

  • Canadian

    They would have had to work overtime when I was young!
    We left home after breakfast and came back for supper. No questions asked.

    • huron

      remember the food when you showed up late?

      • Clausewitz

        Cold, hard, and tasteless. If you bitched about it, there was hell to pay.

        • huron

          amen my brother

      • Canadian

        Showing up late was not an option. We didn`t.