Silence of the Churches

At 8 p.m. today, Rome’s white marble Trevi Fountain–its swirling waters and the charging baroque statues of Oceanus, his sea shell chariot and attendant tritons and horses–will all be turned blood red in a campaign to raise awareness about modern day Christian martyrs.

The popular fountain is decidedly not Christian-themed and historically seems to have inspired only frivolity. The pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need and a coalition of other Catholic Italian non-governmental organizations that are co-sponsoring this performance art are counting on this unlikely juxtaposition. They hope that the coin tossing, selfie-taking throngs of tourists, as the frivolous Western public at large, will be given pause, if only briefly, to contemplate the surging pattern of mass murder of Christians purely for reasons of faith, largely by Islamists.

  • At some point, prayers for Christian martyrs can’t be enough.

    It’s very clear that governments don’t care about Christians. It’s high time that the churches do and vocally.

    • I do not here a groundswell.

      • To be fair, there are priest who do speak from the pulpit but more action is needed.

    • V10_Rob

      A moment of silence once a year to honor Christian martyrs. But only a moment, because we don’t want to give anyone time to start thinking about WHY Christians are being martyred.

      A couple of selfies at the ‘blood’ fountain, change the Facebook pic and tweet a mournful hastag. There, our due diligence is done, worldly problems are on their way to being solved.

    • ntt1

      That is the problem, the churches have been over run by leftoids I noticed it 20 years ago in anglican synod meetings ,all the young priests were communist and extremely hostile to western values, I later left the church due to its unabashed support of Kairos a hamas supporting group that was stealing our PDF donations to kill Israelis

      • The left wanted to destroy churches and infiltrated them to do just that.


  • ontario john

    The Western mainline churches have been taken over by leftists, who are only interested in whiny indians, global warming scams, and homosexuals. Christians need to find Bible believing conservative churches and give them the support they need.

    • That guy in Rome is somethin else.

    • ntt1

      Right now the leadership of the Anglican Church has effectively passed to the African Southern cone .. Anglican priests have become besotted by sodomites and global warming

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    ” … the surging pattern of mass murder of Christians purely for reasons of faith, by Muslims” fift