Sharia divorce: What Muslim immigrants are really talking about

“I wish more folks other than the lawyer had been interviewed, as I’m curious as to why an immigrant Muslim couple would think that sharia law holds water in Canada.”

  • Yo Mama

    What I always find amazing is how many Canadian women marry immigrants or
    refugees to Canada, only to find their new spouses abuse them, have multiple girlfriends, divorse them once they have obtained their Canadian citizenship, or go back to the countries they told Citizenship & Immigration Canada they had to flee from abducting the children.

    When will Canadian women realize they are being conned by these refugees and prospective immigrants many of whom they first met online?

    Of course the Justin Trudeau government is only making this easier for the foreigners.
    Azer children located in Iran but remain with father
    “In seeking Canadian citizenship Azer had also denounced the Iranian government when he came to Canada in 1994 claiming his life was in danger if he were ever to return to that country.”

    • They are idiots, I can’t add anything else.

    • Observer

      Remember all the concessions this country made to open up the floodgates and even allowing immediate entry to relatives to the “drowned Syrian boy” even after the story about Canada refusing them refugee status were proven to be lies.

      Here is something from very left wing CityNews
      Drowned Syrian boy’s father never made refugee application, feds say

      When you talk to most people they don’t remember or are in denial that the claim we turned them down for refugee status was a lie, yet because of that we let in some of their relatives to the front of the line and opened the floodgates due to Trudeau’s election promise.

  • Gary

    back in 2005 Sheema Khan from the Saudi Funded CAIR tried to get the barbaric Whahhabi sharia in Canada until the victims of sharia came forward to explain why they came to canada as a refugee from sharia.