Premier Kathleen Wynne’s incompetent Liberals are planning a new agency to dictate how Ontarians use energy

Watching Ontario’s Liberal government address climate change is like watching children running through the hall with scissors.

It’s all fun and games until the taxpayer loses an eye.

This is the same government that couldn’t deliver on a known commodity like computerized medical health records, leading to the $1-billion eHeath scandal.

  • mauser 98

    Orwell jackboot fascism

    • I fear she will be re-elected, the public service unions own this province and Wynne allows them to rob us blind.

      • mauser 98

        incestuous Wynne / union tax bribes all but ensures re -election

      • Alain

        When there is no real alternative for voters it happens. I fear with Harper gone we shall face the same thing at the federal level.

  • Ron MacDonald

    A great election campaign theme for the PC’s is to state it will reverse every stupid piece of Liberal legislation force on Ontarians the day after it assumes office.

    • Ha! There is no conservative party in Ontario, Patrick Brown sounds like another dead end. Last I heard there were fewer than 10,000 actual members party members in Ontario.

      • Clink9

        You have to wonder how long this depravity will last.

      • Waffle

        They’re the die-hards still living in yesterday and the young’uns who persist in the delusion that one can be both progressive and conservative. For whatever reason, Conservatism has failed to build a permanent home in Ontario. When I finished highschool (a million years ago) some of my classmates left for Alberta and as far as I know, are still there.

    • mauser 98

      Brown caved , hitched wagon to carbon tax fraud

      stick a fork in him

      • DMB


    • People will NEVER vote this government out of office.

  • Brett_McS
  • Canadian Born

    Do you think electric shock to whatever brain she has would improve the situation? With any luck it would fry her brain and then maybe we could get rid of her.

  • simus1

    Corruption, deflation, hyperinflation, and misdirection are the crude tools always to hand when it is time for no longer competing elites in sinking countries to fold up and toss out the reams of unkept promises and outright lies that have passed for wise policies and responsible actions.
    Probably less than one in a hundred thousand people understand that the Wall Street crash of 1929 did not cause the Great Depression.

  • People voted for this and will do so again.

    This is what they want.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Electric vehicles have a very limited range, a sales rep working in the GTA would be unable to visit clients in Kingston and return home the same day. If she pulls this off it will back to conditions experienced during the days of horse and buggy. At that time very few people traveled more than 20 miles from home. People who own boats would not be able tow them to the cottage or fishing resort because electric vehicle can’t tow that much weight over long distances. This bitch would probably increase the price of gas to $5.00 or more per liter effectively killing tourism. I doubt Americans would visit Canada should they have to pay that price for gas.

    • Alain

      That would be in compliance with Agenda 21 where everyone is forced to live in big cities, stacked on top of one another like rabbit cages. Why do I suspect Butts being behind this?

  • canminuteman

    We have to convince people that governments exist to protect peoples freedoms, not make us into slaves. Some things the government don’t have a say in. They don’t get to decide where I live and how I get around.

    We need more Ubers. People love Uber. Uber is basically nothing more than a business model that the government can’t control. We have to get people to approach every aspect of their life like this. The irony of it is that people do this on a personal level but still love Big Government.