Plumbing Plumbing Plumbing…

First the good news… We’ll have water back sooner than expected assuming all goes to plan.

With the exception of being able to do laundry.

Our floor had the good fortune to be scheduled for today, Friday.

To remove the evil Kitec piping they are cutting access holes through the drywall in the laundry, kitchen and den, the pic above is of the kitchen cuts.

But that means the drywall in the laundry room won’t be replaced until early next week as these guys ain’t workin no weekends.

And that means the washer/dryer can’t be hooked up until the drywall patching and painting is completed.

A little more good news… they won’t have to knock out any bathroom tiles, that would have been an additional replacement cost we would have had to bear.

  • ismiselemeas

    While Kitec piping is getting the blame the problem is actually the tightening straps that grip the joiners and elbows to the piping. They corrode and slip open allowing the water pressure to push the joiners out causing the floods. Cheap Chinese shit in other words.

  • I know this is a huge inconvenience to you and I hope it’s over soon.

    But it could be worse. For instance, you could live in a farmhouse that was built in 1911 and wired in the mid 1940s. The wiring is rotting inside the walls – the insulation is literally falling off the live wires, and then they contact the metal sheathing and short out. A metal encased electrical line shorted out and laid against a copper line and electrolysis rotted the copper, which caused a water leak and nearly electrocuted me when I fixed it. We have holes in walls and ceilings all over the house (plaster and lathe, not drywall), and I’m getting ready to tear out some flooring upstairs to run new wires and pipes. Both bathrooms have no electricity, have not had any for a year, and probably won’t have any for another year. It is an unmitigated disaster.

    A couple days ago an insurance guy showed up and wanted to inspect the house and take pictures for policy renewal. We refused. Now they probably think we’re running a meth lab. I expect the police to show up with search warrants.

    • OMG. I had no idea. That is horrid!

    • marty_p

      The joys of cotton insulated knob and tube wiring.

  • Dana Garcia

    Plumbing costs — just pick a number and then add some zeros. A couple weeks back, I had a new line added to the street because the connection was leaking at the sidewalk. Painful in the checkbook. I can say no more without depression…

  • Gary

    If I had built a fake wall for the Air Duct to hide it or had Plumbing hidden in a cavity, my style is to add a decorative wood trim moulding to hide the seams for a removable Panel or hinged access door .

    The good news is that I used my trades skills to come up with a new design for a house where the plumbing and wiring no longer is hidden behind walls to cause damage water damage or fires.
    Because of this a wall make be thinner for more internal living space and be fully insulated for the Winter while keeping the Air Conditioning cool air from any loss through walls into those cavities. The home is cheaper to Insure and can be built in about 30% of the time for a currently designed home while any future add-on is as easy a using Lego’s .

    • Cool.

      • Gary

        I also spent about 12 years doing work for a Charity that focused on Disabled children which helped in me designing a Child-safe/ Fully Accessible Kitchen to reduce burns and scalds so Disabled adults or Grand Parents could get shared custody of a child in a safe Home for children.
        Sadly, the Reno business and Home Builders are making so much money right now they don’t give a damn about my Concepts because the Cookie-Cutter pre-fab Kitchens are easy to put in for a quick-flip to get Paid and sell the house faster.
        You may really like my Fully-accessible low Energy/supper-quiet/ modular / light weight Fridge design that is also Dust Bunny free . The Modular design makes this 30 cu ft fridge fit in a the same box used by LG for their 25 cu ft fridge while only needing just over a 27 inch wide doorway to get the Fridge in the House. Not only can you take it with you when you move as your favourite Fridge , I designed a special feature to be ordered items so the colour ( or wood) of the fridge can be matched to new cabinet your new Kitchen the new house.

        I put my design proto type , with the Info, in a Canadian Invention Contest for a $50k first prize because the previous winner had a item that helped SUV’s with trailer hitches back-up and avoid damage by showing when the trailers hook-up is at the rear bumper.
        The Judges said that it had enough buyer to make it a success and it saved money . But in my case I would lower energy cost while 99.5 % of dwellings with electricity had a Fridge plus it reduces injuries to children and was full accessible.
        The global market for appliances is $200 billion and nobody makes what I have , I also exceeded the US ADA codes for access from a wheelchair to go from the 17 inches to my Max. of 13 inches. The ADA codes force the Federal Gov to buy the best and most recent Accessible products for their Offices , plus the Government housing would save money to replace the old units with a new one using far less power.
        My guess for production was to start off with 15,000,000 units just to supply replacing old unit and for New houses and the Condo boom.

        The winner for the $50K had a new way of making pills that were 60% cheaper for big Pharma to make even more money , but 3rd place winner was a cooking pot for College students where the Lid had a hole in the center with a stirring spoon to make it easier to study as your free hand stirs the Mac&Cheese.
        To hell with the disabled or Climate Change , students need to make dinner while reading to get higher marks in their course that has no chance of getting employed at for Poli – Sci or Gender Studies.

        I keep going at it and don’t want external funding because of the scams where I have to give-up 51% of my Patents to the Bank or for Venture Capital . Far too often a Corporation gets wind of an Invention they wished they came up with …. so they try to buy it and they know the greedy weasel Investors want fast cash on their investment and would sell-off everything for a handful of magic beans and screw over the Inventor because they only own 49% and get out-voted.
        I’ve done my research for the Patent Lawyers that pad their bills to do 80% of the work off-shore (3rd party) where some people can see it and steal the idea to sell it in China or India to the Company that makes those products.
        It took 20 years before the TV caught on in 1948, plus the 1895 invention for an electron gun took about 50 years to used in Micro-wave ovens and still used to day.
        I won’t sell my cash-cow invention for a few magic beans because all I need is just 1% of the annual Global Market which will be $2 billion a year to start for a product that nobody else makes and they can not Copy for 5 years under the IP Industrial Design Laws I’m protected by .

  • LauraS

    Ugh…sorry to hear about this. Isn’t home ownership grand? Hope all is fixed up quickly (and affordably).

  • vimy

    I had a plumbing disaster once. I blame TACO BELL.

    • Ha!

    • Bataviawillem

      This reminds me of when I was a kid, and we fooled around with calcium carbide.
      One day we put it through the manhole in the sewer on one end of the street and lowered a candle on the other end.
      We tried that before but it never worked, but this time we used a couple of pounds. (the mother load)
      It took almost an hour before it went of, but when it did it was spectacular.
      The man hole covers through the hole street went sky high and many bathrooms looked like your photo.
      People came out of their houses by the dozens.
      It was a spectacle like never seen before and we never ever tried that prank again.
      I still have to laugh about how foolish and dangerous the stuff was that we did.

      • JFC you’re lucky someone wasn’t killed. We used to use carbide in our caving headlamps.

        • Bataviawillem

          Yes, that was lucky, but live was a lot more dangerous in the 60’s and nobody thought anything about it.

        • eMan14

          Did you go caving? In secondary school, we used to go down to West Virginia to go caving.

          • I usually went in southeastern WV. Aqua, Marshall’s, Crossroads…

      • marty_p

        I grew up on a fruit farm in Niagara. It was an endless battle of wits trying to keep the birds from eating the sweet cherries. We used to have calcium carbide powered cannons that ran on a mechanical wind up timer. Calcium carbide in one chamber – water in another – drip drip drip on the calcium carbide – acetylene gas forms – mechanical timer trips flint equipped lighter and kaboom – noise was supposed to scare the birds…. technology improved to propane powered “bird bangers” same principal…birds got wise to the noise and soon ignored the “bangers”. Not to be out witted – a farmer recorded bird “distress calls” and started broadcasting the calls in the orchard…. soon the feathered cherry thieves figured that out too. Now farmers use nets to cover the trees.

      • Those were the days;)

        • Bataviawillem

          The city scenes in this video look the same as where I grew up, a ghetto with tons of kids everywhere, rubble on the streets and even the horse was not uncommen .
          It was actually hell on earth but we had a good time.

    • Gary

      More like a black Feminazi lesbian that saw the light to understand Comedy and finally took the cork out before they exploded.