Nigel Farage says Labour anti-Semitism row is linked to the party trying to win Muslim votes

“I think what has happened in Bradford, is that left-wing support and sympathy for anti-Israel/anti-Israeli views has now become allied to a very big growth in the Muslim vote in this country.

“I think what you have in Bradford is sectarian politics. I loathe it because if you think about the other part of the UK that has been plagued by sectarian politics, it’s called Northern Ireland, with Protestant versus Catholic, and look where that has got it.

Farage is absolutely correct on this.

I have every confidence that in a couple of years Canada’s Liberal Party will come very much to resemble the UK’s Labour party – it will be a snake-pit of anti-Semitism.

It is the inevitable result of weak willed multiculturalists courting the Muslim vote, a constituency vehemently opposed to Israel and hateful to Jews.