Nigel Farage says Labour anti-Semitism row is linked to the party trying to win Muslim votes

“I think what has happened in Bradford, is that left-wing support and sympathy for anti-Israel/anti-Israeli views has now become allied to a very big growth in the Muslim vote in this country.

“I think what you have in Bradford is sectarian politics. I loathe it because if you think about the other part of the UK that has been plagued by sectarian politics, it’s called Northern Ireland, with Protestant versus Catholic, and look where that has got it.

Farage is absolutely correct on this.

I have every confidence that in a couple of years Canada’s Liberal Party will come very much to resemble the UK’s Labour party – it will be a snake-pit of anti-Semitism.

It is the inevitable result of weak willed multiculturalists courting the Muslim vote, a constituency vehemently opposed to Israel and hateful to Jews.

  • Brenda

    Right, so: why was he palling around with George Galloway?

    • Farage is often right and sometimes very suspect.

  • Martin B

    There is no one on the face of the earth more shameless than a Western politician pandering for Muslim votes.

    • marty_p

      Watch Turdeau in action as the next election draws closer.

    • Sekigahara

      Modern day western politicians don’t do shame.

  • ismiselemeas

    Farrage is only half right with the Norn Iron analogy. That political divide had more to do with civil rights than sectarianism. The native largely catholic population were consistently denied jobs, higher education, freedom of travel, access to services and even places to live for hundreds of years. As the native population started to mobilize in the sixties and became more politically vocal and active the settler, largely protestant, population became more politically entrenched to stop the native population from achieving their constitutionally guaranteed rights.
    Jump through to today and you will find that hard nationalists have aligned themselves with the pallie cause while the loyalists have aligned themselves with the zionist cause. It’s not unusual to see the union jack flying with the Israeli flag and, bizarrely, swastikas during the marching season.
    So, like the Euro left whose favourite “cause” is a civil rights issue (in their eyes) they refuse to make the connection with the muslim brotherhood’s (islam) main intention which is to kill all Jews.
    Labour’s vote whoring has nothing to do with civil rights of course and everything to do with pandering to muslims. They are merely white washing rabid antisemetism with a coat of human rights issues. Like every weak parent they will eventually be eaten alive by their British muslim children at which point civil war will be the only possible outcome.

  • John

    This same tendency is popping up in among the Dems in The States and the Liberals here in Canada