Muslim ‘Bank of terror’ conmen had catastrophic impact on victims, court told

A gang who conned pensioners out of their life savings in a £900,000 fraud linked to the “bank of terror” in Syria case had a “catastrophic” impact on their victims, a court in London has heard.

The conmen posed as police officers to dupe elderly victims into handing over their money, which was then laundered and spent on foreign holidays and designer clothes.

…The juries were not told that the fraud was uncovered by the Metropolitan police’s counter-terrorism command (SO15) after a separate investigation found suspicious payments into a bank account of someone who is now in Syria.”

  • B@$#@rds.

    They should be strung up by their eyelashes.

  • simus1

    An update of the somewhat ancient bank inspector con.
    Anyone with an elderly relative with more money than brains should make them aware of this con and at a minimum attend at their bank and make arrangements to preclude any large withdrawals being made without a cosigner.

    The hooks are:
    -people at the bank are stealing from you
    -you must give the money up for examination and keep this very secret so the police .can catch them
    -a substantial reward is very likely

  • bob e

    fries my ass. nothing too low for these jihadis ..