Majorities in France and Germany regard Islam as a threat, new poll finds

A new poll published on Friday revealed that a growing number of people in France and Germany hold an unfavourable view of Islam and believe the religion has become too visible in their respective countries.

The study, which was conducted by the polling centre Ifop for French daily Le Figaro, found that 47 percent of French people and 43 percent of Germans felt that the Muslim community poses a “threat” to national identity.

Almost two-thirds of the poll’s respondents in France also said that Islam had become too “influential and visible”, whereas just under half of participants said the same in Germany.

The Ifop poll found that over two-thirds of respondents in both countries thought that Muslims had failed to integrate into society, a situation that 67 percent of French people and 60 percent of Germans blamed on a refusal to adapt to local values and customs.

From the Ifop site discussing the same PollSource.

A majority of French oppose the wearing of headscarfs in public, (63%) and (88%) oppose the wearing of headscarfs in schools. In Germany, 45% of respondents are opposed to the veil or headscarf in public and 75% opposed it in public schools.

The influence and visibility of Islam in France is deemed too great by nearly two in three French (63%). In Germany less than one German in two (48%) share this view. In this context, 52% of French and 49% of Germans say they are opposed to the building of mosques in their countries.

For a relative majority of French respondents (47%, +5 points since 2010), the presence of a Muslim community is “rather a threat to the identity of France.” This is slightly lower than in Germany, where 43% of people (+3 points since 2010) share the same opinion.

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    This is the interim phase before full sharia. In another 10, 20 years, given Islamic birthrates and immigration … it will all be over soon.

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    They can’t “integrate” without first declaring their apostasy from Islam, a death penalty offense under sharia.

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    The only question is whether the French and Germans have deprogrammed their brainwashing in time to save their countries.

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