Maher blames PC for Trump’s rise

From Daily Caller:

In a recent interview with Variety, the comedian talked about how the Republican front-runner’s changed what candidates running for office can say.

“I think what he has changed is the idea of political incorrectness being a third rail,” Maher said. “That is different. All of us thought that he would be out as soon as he said that thing about John McCain not being a war hero. We thought, well, this is the end of him.” More.

Reality check: Whose rules are political correctness anyway? Why is anyone obligated to follow them?

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  • Not my rules;)

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    George Will’s sponcers have clamped down hard on his “bought and paid for” brain.
    I swear, that guy’s a human vending machine.

    • El Martyachi

      Hey, easy on the bought-and-paid-for human vending machines.

  • katewerk

    8 Mile Rule, baby. Own your negatives.

  • Gary

    Bill Maher knows the value of useful-idiots to stack his shows with trained seals that clap and booo on cue because they are too stupid to do their own research on the topic and just trust Bill’s script writers to use facts and Evidence.
    One time he felt that people on welfare shouldn’t be told how to spend the money when they get tattoo’s ……. then Bill attacked the republican’s as heartless and stupid for not wanting tax money to fund the Laser surgery to remove those tattoo’s so they can have a better chance at getting a Job.

    So basically…….Bill’s liberalism allows anyone to F-up their lives as a Human Right to then have others support them with welfare but they have no responsibility for those bad choice so others must now pay again for another bad choice to get a Tattoo but now want it removed.
    Today it’s call Body Art to lure in the youth like it’s a fun thing to be different and a rebel .
    Fine , by 50 years from now many will look like a raisin with a cartoon painted on the surface where they will look pathetic and will make it tough to spot Skin cancer by a Doctor or Elder abuse for bruises by relatives wanting you dead to get the Will money and House.
    When I was about 10 there was an old man in my area that did time in the Navy and had his arms covered with tattoos from the Ports he was in which was common in the 1930’s and 40’s . His skin was wrinkled and I saw his arms as ugly like loose wrinkled leather with warped picture and he told that you better like a tattoo because you’re married to it once it’s on .

  • glasnost

    Maher blames PC for Trump’s rise
    Profound deduction Bill. IOW: no shit Sherlock!
    Trump is exposing the politically correct arseholes on the left AND the right.

  • bob e

    i hope someday maher will be swallowed by a boa constrictor ,,

  • GrimmCreeper

    Looks like we’re getting to that point where all normal men will begin spitting on their hands, hoisting the black flags and begin slitting throats. They’ve brought this upon themselves.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I regard the Democrats now as the war party and the Republicans as the peaceful ones with Trump. Kind of weird that they have switched sides, but I do not see Trump launching any new wars, and it seems like he will do protectionism with some tweaks to the free trade agreements.

    Of course, I think the warhawks on both sides will be clamouring for more wars.

    Trump is on the rise and winning support from both sides and especially independents and Democrats because he is authentic and unique and for challenging everything about the mainstream. I support him due to his anti-free trade message and his challenge to immigration and the war economy. He seems like the best one remaining.