Harper stalwarts missing in Tory leadership poll, and that says something

Rona Ambrose is the most popular choice for Conservative leader – even more popular than headline-grabbing candidates Kevin O’Leary and Peter MacKay.

That’s what happened when the interim leader’s name was tossed into the mix for a Mainstreet Technologies poll exclusive to Postmedia Network.

Rona Ambrose on Donald Trump

Donald Trump may be running to lead America’s right-wing political party, but his views aren’t welcome by Canada’s right-wing party, the interim leader of the Conservatives says.

Trump’s position should not even be considered right-wing, but something far beyond that, said in a wide-ranging year-end interview with The Canadian Press.

“I think he’s off the spectrum, frankly,” Ambrose said. “That’s not a voice that we welcome in our party.”

I don’t welcome you Rona.