France gets tough on Muslim footballers praying on pitch

The mayor of Nice has threatened to cut the subsidies of football clubs which fail to respect its new “secularism charter”, that includes keeping religion, in particular Islam, off the football pitch.

  • The Butterfly

    France is over.

    • Gary

      The damage is done plus you can only spray for the existing termites trying to destroy the rest of your Foundation but it’s pointless if you don’t focus on
      how the termites are getting into your home.

      If a creek on your cottage property starts to get polluted you don’t spend $$$ thousands for a filter system to clean the water……you go upstream to find who is polluting it and Terminate the problem…BANG, it dead.
      France and Germany have a polluted immigration river but the leaders fear going upstream to admit that islam is the toxic sludge killing the fish and costing $$ millions by doing nothing to stop the sludge source .

  • simus1

    Once muslims pray on infidel or “vacant” land, it’s their land.

    Whenever they decide to grab it.
    Next week or next century.
    Free and clear.

    • Gary

      That’s exactly why the Saudi’s , plus Justin , want to build as many Sunni Mega Mosques in Canada to steal the land for allah and islam.

      The quran makes it clear that a mosque can NEVER be used for anything else which means it can NEVER be sold for Condo projects or to another faith . The morons at the CBC are not astute enough to question how a muslim community out West with just around 1500 people raised the money to build a $12,000,000.00 mosque.
      It was Saudi Money just like the money for the Ahmadi’s Peace Village in Maple that is a Muslim-only housing area with Mega Mosque . All of the Mortgages were ZERO % via the CIBC Shariah financing because the Saudi’s had to back them through our Banking system and you can bet that there was some $$$ FEE equal to a nice profit for the paper work.

      Even though the Ahmadi’s are deemed as non-muslims from their 1920’s version of islam , the saudi’s goals is to claim land to allah which means that one day when the Jihad wars start in canada the Sunni’s will slaughter the Apostates and just take over the Ahmadi’s mosque to be a Sunni Mosque.
      Our leaders are either complicit or just ignorant about islam and don’t care because the barbarians aren’t at THEIR gates yet in the Wealthy White areas to force their children to not bring pork items to school or have Hijab day for their daughters .

  • H

    Banning hijabs, banning praying on soccer fields … made me think of this short video from John Robson on the Roman emperor Honorius – who tried to ban the wearing of pants.

  • Editor

    Too little, too late.

  • john700

    Many soccer players are making the sign of the cross after scoring a goal and sometimes they point to the sky acknowledging the One up there who gave them the strength to play better. If they were to ban that too, it will be like in communism.

    • Clausewitz

      If they took part in a full mass I’d object to that. However personal signs of faith are fine. This is much more than a personal sign of faith, it’s organized and deliberately done as a sign of political protest. Just start the game on time and if they’re still doing this, then it’s their own fault they start every game down 5 – nil.

      • john700

        I would be more concerned about the communist takeover of the supporters groups in Major League Soccer.

  • NoPasaran

    The strange thing it that they only intestinal fortitude they can come up with involves violating religious liberty.

  • Turn on the sprinklers.