Continental Breakfast

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Democrat Pushes to Expand ‘Secret’ Gun Confiscations in California

Amazon’s same-day shipping for Prime customers seen as ‘racist’

ISIS stops drone spying by covering streets with sheets

HuffPo Apparently Hiring Stoners To Write About Gun Policy

ICE releases 19,723 criminal illegals

Millennials, Socialism and Venezuela

Teach Islam In Classrooms To Stop Muslims From Being Bullied

Does Social Justice Activism Cause Mental Illness?

UN: Israel Top Violator Of The Human Rights Of Women

Drake student gov. rejects conservative club for ‘harmful’ views

Believing in Two Genders Now a ‘Hate Crime’

86% of campaign reporters say Clinton will be next president

Cleveland Buys RNC Riot Insurance

Seattle’s ‘Trash Police’ Is Unconstitutional

Farmer sprays manure at Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson. She was on his property illegally protesting fracking or something. – Mamba

  • “Farmer sprays manure at Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson.”

    The good old manure spreader — I spent many a cold morning at 6:00 am forking poop from the 30 foot manure pile onto the spreader. The pile never fully froze in the winter because there was always fresh poop coming off the conveyor — you had to be careful where to step or you would sink in the stuff and keep on sinking. Gives one a true appreciation for coveralls and big rubber boots.

    I’m glad that Emma got a little taste of what nature is about for the first time. Although modern spreaders as seen in the vid are more “palatable” than the old ones, which flung big chunks of cow plops everywhere!

    (Now that everybody’s Continental Breakfast has been spoiled, feel free to comment :))

    • Ha!

    • Exile1981

      I was reading her and her people refused to leave the land they were tresspassing on.

    • Minicapt

      From John Kenneth Galbraith reminiscing about his father campaigning in rural Ontario in the 1920s.


  • Thanks for the link to the article on the U.N.! Mike

  • Yo Mama

    I am certain mental illness is what makes Social Justice Warriors!

  • H
  • Hard Little Machine

    Emma Thompson is a huge BDS proponent as well. I hope she gets cholera

  • vimy

    She should be happy…….. you know,organic farming and all.

    • k2

      Embrace the earth! (And pig shit too.)

  • simus1


    Andrea Tantaros silenced by Fox News.

  • tom_billesley

    Never argue with a man with a manure spreader.

  • Maggat

    A farmer has gotta do what he’s gotta do. Good on him.