Coming of Age in Canada – Where fake refugees find safety and opportunity.

Windsor, Ontario, goes back to colonial times but it wasn’t until 2016 that a call for “the duty of jihad” rang out in the Islamic newspaper Al Forqan.  Now the Canadian border city, this writer’s home town, showcases a strange story involving an African refugee.

  • Martin B

    How many of those 218,000 are spittle-flecked Mohammedans?

  • Alain

    Such a shame as I remember Windsor in the early 60s. I lived and worked there for a while, and it was a very nice place. Of course even Detroit across the border was not the shit hole it has become at the time either.

  • Gary

    Windsor was where that peaceful Muslim from a peaceful mosque had used his son one day to stalk a taxi driver that offend this father by opposing a mega Mosque so Daddy Dearest got in the taxi’s back seat with peaceful son.
    The dad gave an address for an Industrial area during the evening when it was slow on the street so that when the taxi stopped the son was a look-out as daddy dearest took out a knife to behead the Driver that insulted islam.

    What was telling about the CBC and STAR was the lack of reporting this brutal murder by a peaceful muslim as if a beheading was very common in Windsor. The Windsor STAR was forced to report it because the Police went public for help and wasn’t shy to call it a beheading while pointing out that is was the most Bloody crime scene the Police said that were called to because the taxi was soaked in blood and thought the taxi was empty until they got close and saw the headless torso and then the head hanging near the lower breast area by a strand of spinal tissue still attached.

    But how odd that the Toronto STAR buried this story as a small blurp over a cabby killed in Windsor ………is Toronto any safer ????
    The CBC was pretty well in damage control to protect islam and sure enough the boastful killer was nabbed and was a muslim from a Peaceful mosque.

    His Niqab clad Saudi Whahhabi wife in that black BeeKeeper suit was filmed coming out of the Court House for the Bail hearing and she yelled at the Media that her husband was peaceful l back home before he came to Canada that has made him evil and a killer to do this.
    The peaceful muslim got a peaceful lawyer that argued that his client was provoked and now feels remorse and is willing to take anger management classes.
    Windsor was also the place where Muslims came out to support Hezballah in Lebanon in 2006 as did the NDP and a CAW rep. which turned my stomach to no longer by CAW vehicles . This too was ignored by the CBC and Toronto STAR until someone posted a photo on the Internet of a CBS owned Billboard in a shia area of Windsor where a huge picture of that pro-jihad radical Shia Imam from Shadr City in Iraq that was the person threaten and blood war on the Sunni’s.

    The leftist progressive liberal socialists won’t wake-up from their mental fog for about another 10 years because they are in denial and use the CBC for their version of reality on islam and the quran.
    I still think the Windsor will be like Lebanon for a border town to wage war when these islamofascists start to fire Rockets North into Detroit while they hide among civilians in Welfare housing as the locals protect them.
    I expect there to be a suicide bomber with a truck to blow it up in the Tunnel and fill with water to kill dozens for allah and shut down that access to the USA . These are sick people poisoned by the quran and they think they are a Master-Faith blessed by allah and destine to rule the Earth.