A secretive unit of international veterans went on its first anti-ISIL mission this fall. Hours later, a Canadian was dead

A sad postscript to John Gallagher’s life.

  • There should be no rag-tag groups of fighters. Every government on the planet should be wiping out ISIS.

    • I agree, if we go back we go back to flatten the middle east. Every single Muslim state.

      • Gary

        The major problem with the quran is that it makes it a sin to Judge other muslims for any crimes or sins because that’s allah job in the after life.
        I witnessed 2 devout peaceful Muslims that were on a TV show for a debate over the Jihadists and the 9/11/01 attack that their type said had hijacked islam . Both of them REFUSED to denounce to the 19 rabid savage Hijackers and only denounced
        their criminal actions.
        These were the Moderates that Justin and Obama claim that we should befriend as allies to fight the really devout muslims that do the jihad slaughters .

        Even if the CBC and Justin are right that all these Jihadists praising allah in Arabic aren’t muslims, it makes this worse for real muslims because they all have the quran at the core of their jihad and this proves that when non-muslims read the quran they too get the desire to slaughter innocent civilians for allah.

        What other Holy book being read by atheists can turn them into killing machines that will behead children and rape little girls as well as the child’s mother right in front of them . What is in the quran to make these atheist readers predisposed to violence and killing plus a sudden desire to praise god in Arabic no matter their native language.

        • DavidinNorthBurnaby

          ” What is in the quran to make these atheist readers predisposed to violence and killing…”?
          One incitement to violence after another. Seriously, read it sometime (if you haven’t and your question was more than rhetorical), it’ll blow your mind, especially if you’re at all familiar with the Bible and bear in mind the blithering idiots that equate the two books.

      • The in-fighting in the Middle East is taking far too long.