The propaganda wing of ISIS has recruited several Canadians, former CSIS official says

“…The RCMP has said it was investigating whether a Canadian had voiced the threats and the FBI issued a seeking information alert asking for the public’s helping identifying the man, who they said was believed to have a North American accent.

Speaking publicly for the first time since his retirement in January, Ellis said Canadians did not fully appreciate the gravity of the terrorist threat they faced and said the “most dangerous” category of extremists was what he called “frustrated jihadists” who are unable to leave Canada.”

  • luna

    Who’s brilliant idea was it to keep ISIS recruits in the west? We should in fact be keeping them out.

    • Heck the RCMP lets them roam free when they’re back provided they say they’re sorry first.

  • Gary

    Justin will defend their Citizenships no matter how many infidels they slaughter.