The Muslim sect under threat from Muslims in the UK

Ahmadi leaders are concerned the recent episodes of discrimination are just the beginning of a new wave of extremism and persecution in the UK.

“Unless the government take action, Britain will become like Pakistan, with a law and order regime,” Rafiq Ahmad Hayat, head of Britain’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the UK, told Mashable.

“Then, not only the Ahmadi, but everyone will be targeted.”

Rest assured, that idiot in Ottawa will lead us down the same path.

  • Mal

    “Rest assured, that idiot in Ottawa will lead us down the same path.”
    No offense, my good Blazer, but “THAT” idiot? Great googly-moogly, I wish it was only that idiot! The place is awash in drool with them.
    We’re all aware that in the case of The Emperor That Has No Brains, he never uttered a word that Gerald Butt didn’t actually speak while drinking a glass of water and lighting a smoke. (Gottle o’ gear, anyone?)
    Trudeau is a Lamb Chop puppet operated not by a sweet Shari Lewis, but by a hundred hateful Jeremy Corbyns.

  • Gary

    It’s costing too much money to have large numbers of muslims flood into Western Nations. They either bring terrorism with them in their holy book or act like some Master-Race sect of islam where we must spend millions to keep other muslims safe that are seen as apostates .

  • moraywatson

    Ahmadis. Canaries in a mine ? No !!! Totalitarians in sheep’s clothing.
    There is no good brand of islam.

    • Gary

      They were the other muslims that demanded a Mosque in the Teston rd Public approved by McLiar and Barbara Hall.
      The Ahmadi’s in Maple got away with building their illegal mega-mosque because of the Chiiilllllldren , but they weren’t happy with that as they played the kafirs as morons. No sir, the Ahmadi students were the majority at the school and demanded the Gym be a mosque on Friday’s for the chiillllldren.

      Read-up on the “peaceful” muslims that have a lesser oppressive Sharia that they want for Canada one day.
      Their women are chattel and they impose their sharia on non-muslims around the outer ring of their community.
      The Sunni Shia Ahmadi hatred will bring allah’s war to canada soil and get non-muslims killed .

  • simus1

    They might want to start by keeping a proper lookout if this picture is any indication.

  • canminuteman

    The British gobernment doesn’t protect their own people from muslims. Why would they go out of their way to protect one muslim sect from the others?