She’s back… Ex-Liberal candidate kicked out for vile tweets claims she is victim of Islamophobia

Three weeks ago, Ala Buzreba was called a “paki” and “muslim terrorist” on the CTrain. Two weeks prior, her 16-year-old sister Sara, was called an “ISIS bitch.”

“He got really close to my face and started saying you ISIS sh-t, you ISIS bitch, and I didn’t move because I was scared,” Sara said. “As he was leaving the train, he was behind me and yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ and then he coughed, or spit on me.

I was really traumatized, I cried when I got home…I feel like if I did anything I would have been hurt.”

Both Sara and Ala have reported the incidents to police.

Remember Ala? Sure you do. Her tweets.

h/t MNQ