Rutgers Goes Sharia-Compliant

The April 5, 2016 issue of The Gleaner, the student paper of Rutgers University–Camden, published a cartoon of Muhammad, Buddha and Jesus in a bar. Its content, however, cannot be known at this point, because at the behest of Muslims on campus, and in a case fraught with implications for the health of the freedom of speech today, the entire issue has been deep-sixed.


  • BillyHW

    Our universities have been completely taken over by women, socialists and faggots.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Rutgers might forfeit an oil sheik’s endowment if it defied sharia.

  • How long can we avoid admitting that Islam is afforded these special dispensations that no other religion receives because we are afraid Moslems will kill us?

    • H

      That would be a kind of progress, I think. I personally find the subterfuge and hypocrisy (“oh, it’s just because we’re so tolerant and compassionate and do not wish to give offense … to Muslims, anyway”) to be increasingly tiresome and nauseating.