Red Ken Livingstone accused of being ‘Nazi apologist’ in foul-mouthed clash with Labour MP

Journalists managed to capture a “blazing row” between Mr Livingston and the Labour MP John Mann, who has said he should be expelled from the Party.

  • John

    All leftist political parties in Europe have the same problem. They’re riddled with anti-Semites and various islamophiles who make their mortgage payments by trading in ‘anti-Zionism’.

    Labour’s candidate for Mayor, Sadiq Khan, said that Mr Livingstone’s
    comments were “appalling and inexcusable” and that “there must be no
    place for this in our Party.”

    How cheeky of Mr Khan, a man who’s even worse in this department than Red Ken.

    • The common thread seems to be a belief that if they sell Israel out the Muslims will be appeased while satisfying their own antisemitism.

      Good luck to that.

      • John

        Red Ken did up the pro pali rhetoric following 7/7

  • roccolore

    Livingstone is known for supporting terrorists.

  • Well done, Mr. Mann

  • tom_billesley

    Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour Party

  • Hard Little Machine

    It baffles me that Jew haters don’t admit they’re Jew haters. I’d actually have MORE respect for them if they stood up with the courage of their own convictions and admitted it. It’s like being a holocaust denier who worships Hitler. Wouldn’t that make him kind of a failure according to them?

    • simus1

      It could be similar to the Clintons’ mo. They seem be afraid that if they stop lying full time they will lose the gift.