Quebec honour roll student fights expulsion for bringing pocket knife to school

A 16-year-old Quebec honour roll student and his family are fighting his expulsion from school after Shawn Soucy accidentally left a pocket knife in his backpack following a morning of chores at the family farm.

The family is lobbying for changes to the Riverside School Board’s safe schools policy, which the Soucys call “unreasonable.”

Every kid I knew had a pocket knife.

I don’t recall any mass stabbings, nor any mass whittlings for that matter.

h/t LRC

  • mauser 98

    pooftafied society
    we are ripe for invasion

    • God help us.

    • eMan14

      That’s like my worst nightmare!

      • mauser 98

        it’s worse than that

  • Alain

    Now were he and his parents claim they believe they are Sikhs, they would get a pass. After all in today’s insane world you are whatever you believe yourself to be.

    • True, he could have self identified as a serial killer, they’d have to let him keep the knife or face a human rights complaint.

    • Dorothybdavis2

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  • BillyHW

    Never put women in charge of your children’s education.

  • Clausewitz

    He was probably screwing up their bell curve and instead of doing a better job teaching the other students, they got rid of the anomaly.

  • eMan14


    • Minicapt

      Amongst others, mine is a Pattern 1908 cavalry sabre, current issue …


      • Kell

        …have a collection of “bladed” weaponry that sometimes concerns even me!

    • This is Canada. Canadians are generally assholes (although as a Canadian I try hard not to be one too — I probably don’t always succeed). I could tell some stories on the subject but I want to avoid going into a “typing rage” tonight.

  • Kell

    LOL “pocket knives”???
    Just…WOW…most of the kids I came up with in Cleveland not only had knives, we had Harley motorcycle transmission sprocket chain-belts, aluminum ball bats with a pound of sand in them, brass knuckles and large silver rings were common and a few of us had sawed-off shotguns and throw-away handguns….pocketknives???!!! Oh, my mis-spent youth!
    …and STILL there were no “mass” anythings!

  • Thinking From First Principles

    I was in the habit of carrying a pocket knife aka a utility knife as a Scout leader. No locking blades, no blade longer than 3-1/2″, and with can opener, bottle opener, and awl. Always handy to have. Since it was second nature, I couldn’t remember to take it out of my pocket before going to the airport. I carried it into security a number of times before I finally stopped carrying it at all. I was never arrested or anything that stupid, but I had to bring it back out to my car, or check it, and Down Under I was able to mail it home.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I received a boxful of Swiss Army Knives about 30 years ago. All my sons got them on their 10th birthday, and so did my daughter. My entire family always carry at least their Swiss Army Knife. I still treasure the beautiful pocketknife my dad gave me when I was 10, and have kept it ever since. I wouldn’t know how to clean my nails with anything else!