PM Useful Idiot Integrating Syrian Refugees By Introducing Them To Foodbanks

Food banks plead for help with spike in need as refugees arrive

“We try to set up like it’s family. It’s not an institution,” says Rev. Jennifer Palin of the Donway Covenant United Church, one of five churches behind the food bank. We don’t want to start just pushing people through. We want to have a sense of treating people like individual human beings.”

But a sharp rise in users, due, they believe, to an influx of Syrian refugee families to the area, has organizers worried about sustainability and has them calling on the government to review its resettlement programs.

What next? Dumpster Diving?

  • ntt1

    Who doesn’t like free stuff?and there is the separate Muslim Food bank to supply the halal crap the filthy kafirs don’t provide

  • BillyHW

    Food banks are a big scam.

    • That’s why Liberals like em.

    • Observer

      That’s why Gerard Kennedy the long time head of Toronto’s Daily Bread Foodbank became a Liberal MPP then Liberal MP.

      And why former Liberal disgraced head of the Toronto District School Board, Gail Nyberg now heads up that foodbank.

      • Gary

        Kennedy was the MPP in my area and didn’t give a damn that the Federal half-way jail on Keele St. near Annette that held drug dealers and pedophiles was within view Beard Park on Keele where it had a large Children’s play area .
        When Peggy Nash 9 MP) and Cheri DiNova(MPP) from the NDP took power neither one cared about this issue.
        NDP DiNova was obsessed to Dogs Rights and crusaded for that Unleashed Play area for Dogs while pedophiles were just a sort walk away.

        But after the Ben Levin case and now Brent Hawkes , the NDP and Liberals seem like Pedophile -friendly Parties with a serious problem for mental illness among those in the Party.

        The sick and twist bastards have taken over and want to toss the children to their Pedophile voters that want it to be legal based on the CMHA request to Wynne to make it a Mental Illness disability.

  • Somebody needs to write a book about this moron. I mean these people were already living securely and comfortably in apartments and homes in Lebanon and Jordan. The only thing Justin “rescued” them from was the freedom to shop for their own food and live the normal lives they had in Lebanon and Jordan. Instead they get to stand in line in food banks in Canada, and eat strange food doled out by people who speak a strange language.

    My PM is a Global immigration genius — bring in the wealthiest “refugees” you can find and make them Government dependents.

  • Miss Trixie

    I stopped giving to “food banks” years ago when I witnessed to whom most of the goods are given, and I was appalled. I was in dire straits and paid a visit only to see food given to complaining and ungrateful ‘tards and their be-bagged brood-mares.

    Wanna know what’s next? (If it hasn’t already happened on the hush-hush)

    THIS is next:

    • Alain

      Same for me.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I stopped giving to Christmas hampers after seeing the underwhelming reception ours got from the recipient one year where we really got behind making one.
      Since then and further since I have had kids I don’t donate to anyone or anything.
      I won’t consider it until my kids are out on their own.
      Charity begins at home.
      That’s not to say we’re not charitable.
      We’ve taken in a girl whose family is in trouble and let her stay in our home so she can finish high school.

  • That’s no way to treat a voters block.

  • G

    How long before the self entitled bastards start demanding HALAL food banks.

  • FactsWillOut

    That didn’t take long. They’re already taking food out of starving kids mouths.

  • Observer

    I’m still waiting for Justin to do the “humane” thing for the media photo ops and take our Canadian taxdollars to put them all into luxury condos.

  • Gary

    What , I thought we were told that these were Engineers and Doctors .

  • Canadian Born

    How many families are Junior and that idiot immigration minister taking in and supporting? Canada is on the way of becoming a third world country and Canadians are letting it happen. Shame on us.

  • Reader

    Even Google Canada is promoting supporting refugees on their search page