Japan wants foreign tourists to avoid ‘public flatulence’

The Hokkaido Tourism Organization, which represents Japan’s northern-most island, published a downloadable brochure on its website, with polite instructions on everything from public bathing to using a Japanese toilet.

Helpfully, it even dedicated an entire section to protocol for avoiding bodily functions.

  • I think that should be a blanket rule for everyone!

    • When Pip was a kitten, OMG you can’t imagine anything so foul emanating from something so cute, thank goodness he outgrew it.

      • Kathy Prendergast

        Yes, I couldn’t help noticing how stinky my cat’s business was when she was a kitten, and she had pretty wicked gas too; maybe it’s because their digestive systems are immature, or something. When my control-freak upstairs neighbour complained about the odour (I clean up after my cat several times a day so she must have had a nose like a bloodhound) I pointed out to her that human baby feces smells just as bad, and my cat is my baby, so put up or shut up.

      • This will haunt me.

  • The Butterfly

    Could we have the same rule for our vibrant cab drivers?

    • That’s what makes your city so cosmopolitan! Not to say aromatic!

  • luna


    The Hokkaido Tourism Organization has revised a booklet on bad manners aimed at Chinese tourists after a local resident said it assumed Chinese lack common sense.

    • Ha!

      • Kathy Prendergast

        Some Chinese do unfortunately have what both we and the Japanese would consider appalling manners. They tend to be rather, um, inconsiderate public toilet users, and hawking loudly and spitting is common in China, especially among the older generation, but the Japanese find this disgusting. Flatulence is pretty hard to control though; what do they expect them to do, put a cork in it?

  • Clink9

    Carrots and throw up


  • bargogx1

    “Japanese etiquette is based on avoiding causing discomfort or nuisance to others”

    We could stand to import a little of that attitude here. That’s the kind of multiculturalism I might actually be able to stomach.

  • Maybe you should stop eating raw fish.